The Clean Energy Regulators Initiative (CERI)

CERI logoEnergy regulators have a critical role to play in establishing vibrant energy markets in which investments and programs in clean energy are encouraged. In order to serve in this role effectively, they need to be supported and well-informed on current developments and best practices. Engaged collaboration across existing regulator networks and communities of practice presents valuable opportunities for knowledge sharing and peer learning.

To this end, the Clean Energy Regulator Initiative (CERI) was established as a key source of information on clean energy that leverages the resources of existing networks. CERI will serve as a knowledge partner by providing information on current clean energy developments, related regulations and best practices. It will also focus on building capacity among utility regulators regarding energy efficiency, demand-side management, smart grids, and renewable energy deployment and integration, all of which will influence significant market transformation.

To identify the resource and information needs of energy regulators, CERI will consult with the International Confederation of Energy Regulators, regional regulator organizations and knowledge providers to develop a knowledge-sharing and peer learning mechanism that will deliver technical resources, training, expert assistance and webinars.

In carrying out its mission, CERI will account for the fact that energy regulators have widely differing operating environments, such as:

  • Differing degrees of market liberalization and regulatory independence
  • Differing obligations to pursue political, social, and environmental objectives
  • Differing resources in terms of staffing
  • Differences in primary energy mix, energy balance, and extent of electrification.

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