Clean Energy Events for Policymakers and Others

23 October 2017
This event will cover trends and opportunities in the fast-growing green bond market, with keynote presentations and panel discussions on topics such as market outlook, green bond pricing and investor demand, diversifying the issuer universe, and green bond innovation and development. Learn more.
24 October 2017 to 27 October 2017
This event brings together leading actors from the green finance and investment community to promote effective engagement, collaboration and action on green finance and investment. This includes institutional investors, asset managers, ministries of finance and central banks, financial regulators, commercial and investment banks, international climate funds, multilateral development banks, green investment banks, corporations, civil society, philanthropic sectors and more. Learn more.
24 October 2017
This, the fifth edition of the India Clean Cooking Forum, will be on the sidelines of the Clean Cooking Forum of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Learn more.
24 October 2017 to 26 October 2017
The Clean Cooking Forum is a biennial gathering of people working to accelerate the production, deployment and use of cleaner, more efficient cookstoves and fuels. It features influential speakers, engaging learning sessions, enlightening site visits, and opportunities to build new partnerships. Learn more.
25 October 2017 to 26 October 2017
This conference is intended to bring together European and African Renewable Energy businesses, developers and policymakers. It will focus on the contribution of renewable energy technologies for the electrification of Mozambique, in line with its National Electrification Strategy under preparation to achieve universal access by 2030. Learn more.
29 October 2017 to 3 November 2017
The overarching theme of the joint conference "ISES Solar World Congress 2017" and "International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling" is innovation for the 100% renewable energy transformation. Learn more.
1 November 2017 to 2 November 2017
Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa 2017, Solarplaza’s 9th event on the continent, will bring together hundreds of representatives of development banks, investment funds, solar developers, IPPs, EPCs & other solar stakeholders. Learn more.
1 November 2017 to 2 November 2017
The increasing focus on energy policy and programmes has resulted in more challenging objectives and growing investment. Therefore, there is a need to improve the assessment of potential and actual impacts and to really understand what works, what does not and why. This conference aims to provide a forum for the presentation, critique and discussion of sound evaluations, as well as for experience sharing about evaluation practices. The conference aims at gathering new ideas, inputs for current and upcoming debates, feedback on other’s experiences, and lessons learnt about all the stages of evaluations. View the preliminary agenda or read more about the conference announcement. Learn more.
7 November 2017 to 8 November 2017
Sweden’s Minister for Policy Co-ordination and Energy, Hon. Ibrahim Baylan, will chair the event, which will focus on global energy challenges and how they can be overcome. Learn more.
28 November 2017 to 1 December 2017
The primary objective of the SAFE Humanitarian Workshop is to build the knowledge and capacity of field practitioners and other stakeholders to provide effective fuel and energy solutions for cooking, lighting, heating and powering to crisis-affected people. The workshop is also the only annual event that convenes the full range of stakeholders engaged in humanitarian energy initiatives, such as NGOs, government representatives, researchers, and businesses. Learn more.
5 December 2017 to 7 December 2017
India's largest solar industry conference focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems and solar thermal technologies. Learn more.