Building Capacity for Africa and Pacific Islands

Comment from Requestor

"The feedback from trainees was excellent, indicating the high quality of lectures. In particular, the Solutions Center contribution was very well received and added significant value to the discussions, which was reiterated by the trainees.." – Gauri Singh, Director, Country Support and Partnerships, IRENA

On-site expert assistance was provided in collaboration with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) for Small Island States and African Nations at the Japan-IRENA training program on Setting Renewable Energy Targets. The training focused on the policy aspect of designing and implementing optimal renewable energy targets. Assistance focused on the design of tariff-based support policies, such as feed-in tariffs and auctions, and financing options for these policies. The audience consisted of policymakers in the renewable energy sector from Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Impact of Assistance

This training afforded policymakers the opportunity to learn good practices on how to design policies and programs that are compatible with renewable energy target-setting objectives, including affordable prices, grid stability requirements, and design elements from an investor perspective. As a result of the support provided at the workshop, policymakers have the tools to design successful policy responses to market fluctuations, and regulators have enhanced capacity to evaluate laws, adapt tariffs as needed, and benchmark best practices for renewable integration.