Advising Efficiency Programs in Mexico

EnergyStar and LEED
Certification Programs

"The Press Department of CONUEE had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of EnergyStar and LEED Certification Programs in regards to their promotion campaigns. The information provided to CONUEE will be useful during the planning stage of the communication campaigns for our Voluntary Certification Program later this year, particularly on mass media hiring."

Cool Surface Policies

"The CESC, through Kurt Shickman from GCCA, provided CONUEE with useful information on international codes and activities being deployed in regards to cool roofs/surfaces. This information was provided to the technical areas within our organization as background information to CONUEE´s participation in the "Cool Surfaces for Building Envelop Energy Efficiency Workshop," on 28 February 28, 2012." — Adolfo Chavez, Director for Financing and Environment at CONUEE

flag of MexicoThe Clean Energy Solutions Center assisted the National Commission for Energy Efficiency (CONUEE) with developing a country specific webinar training that provided information on incentives, outreach activities, and education that Mexican governments can use to develop programs similar to EnergyStar and LEED. A subsequent request for assistance on cool surface policies resulted in Solutions Center experts providing information on actual and proposed international cool surface codes and standards, and incentive programs designed to accelerate deployment of cool surface technologies.

Impact of Assistance

Potential impacts of the assistance provided under the two requests are the design and implementation of effective and replicable appliance labeling programs, building certification and rating programs, and cool surface policies throughout Mexico.

The CONUEE continues to work toward developing regulations and standards to promote use of cool surface materials and practices. The information provided by the Solutions Center was used to structure a cool surfaces workshop agenda and activities, and will be useful in developing a work plan for Mexico going forward. The Global Cool Cities Alliance is collaborating with CONUEE on this program.