Sharing Best Practices on Industrial Energy Efficiency in Pakistan

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provided K-Electric, a government-supported utility in Pakistan, with several reports on best practices in industrial energy efficiency within the region. The reports provided examples of industrial energy efficiency policies from China and India, along with contact information for additional follow-up with someone who works on industrial efficiency within the Pakistan government. Additionally, the Solutions Center and a team of experts from Carbon Trust developed a report with recommendations for improving the design and execution of this existing Energy Efficiency Advice Programme. The key recommendations identified to address the barriers to implementing energy efficiency in both developed and developing markets included developing an awareness raising strategy, improving energy efficiency expertise within the audit team, improving the quality of the audit service offering, developing a tracking mechanism to assess impacts and creating a suppliers/installers database.

Impact of Assistance

The support provided to K-Electric will assist them in advancing their existing Energy Efficiency Advice Programme in order to help unlock energy efficiency from the top one hundred consumers in the local market.