Meet The Experts: Energy Access

  • Alexander Ochs
    NDC Design and Implementation, Energy-sector Strategies and Roadmaps, Climate and Energy Policies and Measures, Energy Transitions, Rural Electrification
    Alexander Ochs, CEO
    SD Strategies
  • Ellen Morris
    Enterprise Development, Microfinance
    Ellen Morris, President and Founder
    Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Graham M. Pugh
    Climate Mitigation Policies
    Graham M. Pugh
  • Harish Hande
    Finance for Energy Access, Crowd/Social Funding
    Harish Hande, Founder and Chairman
    SELCO India
  • Ian Baring-Gould
    Mini-grid Standards
    Ian Baring-Gould , Wind Technology Deployment Manager
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Javier Lascurain
    Clean Cookstoves, Green Technologies for Households, Carbon Credits for Developing Countries
    Javier Lascurain, Managing Director
    Fast Track Carbon
  • Jennye Greene
    Enterprise Development, Finance
    Jennye Greene, Co-founder
    Embark: Energy, Education, Entrepreneurship
  • Phil LaRocco
    Capacity Building
    Phil LaRocco, Founder