Meet The Experts: Renewable Energy

  • Alexander Ochs
    NDC Design and Implementation, Energy-sector Strategies and Roadmaps, Climate and Energy Policies and Measures, Energy Transitions, Rural Electrification
    Alexander Ochs, CEO
    SD Strategies
  • Ana-Karin Municio
    Sustainable Development, Sustainable Energy
    Ana-Karin Municio, Associate Consultant
    SKL International AB
  • Barbara Buchner
    Climate Finance, Emission Trading
    Barbara Buchner, Executive Director, Climate Finance
    Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Camila Ramos
    Renewable Energy Policy, Markets and Finance Mechanisms, Tenders and Reverse Auctions, Private Equity and Corporate Investors
    Camila Ramos, Managing Director and Founder
    CELA – Clean Energy Latin America
  • Chad Laurent
    Sustainable Energy Policy Design and Laws
    Chad Laurent, Principal
  • Christina Becker-Birck
    Policy Design and Tariff Rate Setting, National Fund Design, Private Sector Engagement Strategies, Lender Capacity Building
    Christina Becker-Birck, Vice President
  • Christopher M. Sewell
    Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance, Financial Structuring and Program Development, Market Analysis, Resource Identification, Software Development
    Christopher M. Sewell , Executive Director
    CleanTech Methods, Inc.
  • Craig A. Hart
    Carbon Management and Energy Efficiency
    Craig A. Hart, Associate Professor
    School of Environment and Natural Resources, People's University of China
  • Cyril Cassisa
    Energy Forecasting
    Cyril Cassisa, Project Manager
  • David Jacobs
    Renewable Energy Policy and Electricity Market Design, Feed-in Tariffs, Net Metering and Net Billing, Auctions, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Rural Electrification
    David Jacobs, Director
    International Energy Transition (IET)
  • David Nelson
    Renewable Energy and Finance
    David Nelson, Executive Director, Energy Finance
    Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Emily Chessin
    Renewable Energy Policies and Regulations
    Emily Chessin, Senior Associate
  • Faezeh Mosallat
    RETScreen: Modeling of Renewable Energy Systems
    Faezeh Mosallat, Project Engineer
    RETScreen International
  • Jeremy Epstein
    Finance for Commercial and Residential Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
    Jeremy Epstein, Senior Associate
    Harcourt Brown & Carey
  • Jon Crowe
    Low-carbon Cities, Urban Climate and Energy Strategies
    Jon Crowe, Principal
  • Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu
    Integrated Energy Planning
    Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, Head, Strategic Planning and Policy
    Ghana Energy Commission
  • Kevin Bourque
    Clean Power Analysis with RETScreen
    Kevin Bourque, Project Engineer
    RETScreen International
  • Louis Seck
    Renewable Energy Policy, Clean Cookstoves
    Louis Seck, Former Senegalese Minister for Renewable Energy
  • Luis Crespo
    Solar Thermal Technologies and Policies
    Luis Crespo, President
    European Solar Thermal Electricity Association
  • Manfred Hafner
    Power Markets
    Manfred Hafner, VP Consulting
  • Marvin Lagonera
    Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Governance
    Marvin Lagonera, ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat
    ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Meghan Sapp
    Biofuel Investment and Policy
    Meghan Sapp, Managing Director
  • Michael Hofmann
    Clean Energy Project Development, Clean Energy Finance, Enterprise Development, Private Sector Engagement
    Michael Hofmann, Managing Director
    CleanTech Methods, Inc.
  • Michael Milton Wu
    Energy Resilience
    Michael Milton Wu, Principal
    Converge Strategies, LLC
  • Neil Veilleux
    Feed-in Tariffs, Tax Measures, Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates
    Neil Veilleux, Principal
  • Paul Burke
    Transportation, Electricity Subsidy Reforms, Energy and Climate, Energy Economics, Energy Policy
    Paul Burke, Associate Professor
    Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University
  • Paul Komor
    Renewable Electricity Policy
    Paul Komor, Energy Education Director
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute
  • Ranell Martin Dedicatoria
    GHG Inventory, Low-emission Development Planning
    Ranell Martin Dedicatoria, Regional Program Manager
    ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Rodrigo Garcia Palma
    Climate Finance, Renewable Energy Policies, Solar Incentives, Regulations
    Rodrigo Garcia Palma, Managing Director and Founder
  • Ryan Cook
    Clean Energy Program Impact Analysis, Community-based Distributed Generation Program Implementation, Distributed Generation Regulation, Mini-grid Policy Development
    Ryan Cook , Senior Associate
  • Terri Walters
    Clean Energy Policy Design and Analysis
    Terri Walters, President and Founder
    Katevan Consulting
  • Thomas Heller
    Green Growth Strategies
    Thomas Heller, Chairman of the Board
    Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • Toby Couture
    Renewable Energy Finance and Markets, Feed-in Tariffs, Net Metering, Net Billing, Tenders, and Reverse Auctions, Rural Electrification, Mini-grids, Regulatory Design, New Business Models
    Toby Couture, Founder and Director
    E3 Analytics
  • Uday Varadarajan
    Policy Impact of Renewable Energy Costs, Tax Measures, Concessional Loans, Loan Guarantees, Asset-Backed Securities, Institutional Investors
    Uday Varadarajan, Principal
    Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
  • William Becker
    National Climate Change, Clean Energy Policy Development
    William Becker, Executive Director
    Presidential Climate Action Project
  • Wilson Rickerson
    Resilience Strategies
    Wilson Rickerson