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  1. Efficient Electrical End Use Equipment (Website)

    This website displays the International Energy Agency (IEA) and member countries initiative to promote harmonization of standards and high efficiency electrical end-use equipment through a ‘4E’ Implementing Agreement in Motors, Standby Power, Solid State ...

    International Energy Agency

  2. Appliance Standby Power and Energy Consumption in South African Households

    A modified engineering model is proposed to estimate standby power and energy losses in households. The modified model accounts for the randomness of standby power and energy losses due to unpredicted user appliance operational behavior. Appliance Standby ...

    University of Witwatersrand

  3. Energy Efficiency Strategy of the Republic of South Africa

    This is the first Energy Efficiency Strategy for South Africa. It is the first consolidated Governmental document geared toward the development and implementation of energy efficiency practices in this country. Energy Efficiency Strategy of the Republic o ...

    South African Department of Minerals and Energy

  4. Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling (Website)

    The South African Department of Energy website provides information on the energy efficiency standards and labeling scheme within South Africa. The label is similar to the European Union labeling scheme (the EcoLabel), but is applicable to South Africa sp ...

    South African Department of Energy

  5. Energy Efficiency Scheme

    The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (Esma), the federal agency for quality check, launched an energy efficiency scheme to specify energy efficiency for all electrical and electronic goods, particularly for air-conditioning units avail ...

    United Arab Emirates Interact

  6. Current Status of Energy Efficiency

    A presentation given by the Department of Energy, South Africa on the state of energy efficiency within the country. This presentation was part of a workshop to motivate leaders in business, government, and utilities, and the public and private sectors in ...

    March 2010

  7. Clean Energy Ministerial Global Superior Energy Performance

    This factsheet summarizes the efforts of the Global Superior Energy Performance (GSEP), to accelerate energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The document provides an overview of the certification network being de ...

    Clean Energy Ministerial

    April 2011

  8. Low-Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World

    This paper focuses on the debate concerning the creation of "low-carbon" jobs. Government action on climate change promises economic opportunity. The language of climate change policy has hitherto been largely negative, with wide use of such wor ...

    Global Climate Network

    March 2010

  9. Seizing the Solar Solution: Combating Climate Change through Accelerated Deployment

    This report highlights the paths—in some cases accelerated—that the European Union, United States and other “solar-friendly” countries have chosen to reach their goals of growing the solar market, combatting climate change and creating jobs and economic o ...

    Solar Trade Associations from Around the World

    December 2010

  10. Testing the Feasibility and Socioeconomic Impacts of the Mediterranean Solar Plan in the Middle East/North Africa Region

    The following questions are addressed in this report: What would the Mediterranean solar plan look like? Is desert solar thermal power economically feasible as an alternative to gas and oil? Can Middle Eastern and North African countries successfully impl ...

    Politics and Conflict in the Middle East

    November 2008