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  1. National Electrical Energy Conservation Program (PROCEL) (Brazil)

    This overview document describes Brazil's efforts to combat waste in the production and use of electrical energy. The policies highlighted include research and development support, demand-side reduction actions, educational programs targeted at end u ...

    World Resources Institute

  2. European and South American Experience of White Certificates

    This report reviews and evaluates the European and South American experience in using “white certificates” as an energy policy tool to stimulate energy efficiency measures, and it highlights the relevance of such obligations to developing countries. The a ...

    World Energy Council

    March 2010

  3. Decoupling Policies: Options to Encourage Energy Efficiency Policies for Utilities

    This document discusses how decoupling can be a win-win strategy to both utility companies and their customers by breaking the link between electricity and gas sales and revenue. According to the authors, a well-designed decoupling plan helps keep utility ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    July 2009

  4. Making Power Affordable for Africa and Viable for Its Utilities

    Article abstract: "Examination of the financial viability of power sectors in 39 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa shows that only two countries have a financially viable power sector, and only 19 cover operating expenditures. Quasi-fiscal deficits ave ...

    October 2016

  5. Note on Green Growth for Bhutan

    Article abstract: "Bhutan has recently made significant progress in sustaining economic growth and reducing poverty. Bhutan also has valuable deposits of primary materials including dolomite, lime stone, gypsum, quartzite, stone, and marble, which ar ...

    July 2014

  6. Planning for Electricity Access

    This brief examines planning for access to electricity. That electricity for all campaigns around the globe often fall short of their targets is partly a failure of planning, according to the authors. According to them, technical changes in the area of ge ...

    November 2014

  7. Scaling Up Access to Electricity: Emerging Best Practices for Mini-grid Regulation

    Article abstract: "This brief focuses on enabling regulations for mini-grids, providing an overview of key issues, options and good practices. The authors draw on a case study of Tanzania, a pioneer in setting an enabling and light-handed regulatory ...

    December 2015

  8. Expenditure of Low-Income Households on Energy: Evidence from Africa and Asia

    Report abstract: "Patterns of household energy use and expenditure have been the subject of a large number of studies. Household expenditures on energy-particularly, how much the poor spend-have policy implications for several reasons. First, policie ...

    June 2010

  9. Productive Use of Energy (PRODUSE): Measuring Impacts of Electrification on Small and Micro-enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Article summary: "Productive uses of energy are seen as a key driver of economic development. However, systematic evidence of the relationship between access to electricity and poverty alleviation is scarce, and rigorous evaluations of energy access ...

    December 2013

  10. Low-carbon Competitiveness in Kenya

    Article abstract: "The aim of Kenya’s Vision 2030 initiative is to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by the year 2030. The success of this approach will depend to a large extent on the global trade patter ...

    September 2013