Review Past Webinars

26 April 2013
Clean Energy Policy Analysis with RETScreen

Introduction to this toolkit, which aims to provide appropriate and effective policy support tools for those designing, implementing, and monitoring compliance with clean energy policy

12 March 2013
Unleashing Climate and Energy Knowledge with Linked Open Data and Consistent Terminology

Training on how energy data can be categorized automatically and consistently to break down barriers to information access

6 March 2013
Hybrid Renewable Mini-Grids

Investigation of the different policies that mini-grids warrant and the requirements of sustainable mini-grid electrification programs

22 January 2013
Regulatory Issues and the Deployment of Smart Grids

Training on regulatory regimes, costs and benefits, best practices and regulatory frameworks for smart grids, drawing on case studies from Europe

12 December 2012
Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting: The Global Energy Savings Opportunity and Tools to Facilitate Lighting Upgrades

Outcomes of case studies from Lighting the Clean Revolution: The Rise of LEDs and What it Means for Cities and presentation of a new tool for evaluating street lighting purchases

5 December 2012
UNEP/GEF en.lighten initiative and the Efficient Lighting Toolkit

Highlights of examples of best practices in policy development, quality control mechanisms and environmental sustainability

29 November 2012
Focus on Mexico: Promoting ENERGY STAR and LEED Certification

Discussion of the design, promotion and implementation of certification programs, as well as incentives and outreach activities can be used to advance certification programs

29 November 2012
Unlocking Markets and Supporting Innovation in Smart Grids

Presentations of approaches taken in India and Ontario (Canada) to engage stakeholders

20 November 2012
Accessing Private Capital for Clean Energy Investments in Developing Countries

Showcase of successes of working with project developers and other project proponents to help attract investors and reach financial closure

6 November 2012 to 29 November 2012
Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Policies and Actions, 2nd Edition

Training on how to use the Building Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool to develop energy efficiency policy strategies with input from local stakeholders