Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Roundtable: Scaling-up Mini-Grid Installations

5 February 2013

CEM logoIn preparation for the CEM4 meeting scheduled for 17-18 April 2013, in New Delhi, India, a workshop on techno-economic energy challenges and opportunities to scale-up mini-grid installations was held at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The workshop, organized by Columbia University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in its role as Secretariat for the Clean Energy Solutions Center, was open to officials, experts and practitioners from government agencies, international institutions and technical institutes (public and private) engaged in mini-grid design and deployment programs.

Workshop Objectives

  • Conduct peer-to-peer learning and capacity building on specific mini-grid topics from technical design to load management and standards.
  • Share lessons and innovation on policies and regulatory frameworks in scaling-up mini-grid sustainable deployment to increase access to energy.
  • Discuss the market barriers and viable business and financing models for mini-grids that provide energy access with and without the prospect of grid-connection in the future.

Workshop Summary

The workshop topics spanned from technical issues, policy, regulations, and standards to financial instruments, business models and capacity development. All discussion topics focused on increasing energy access in emerging economies through mini-grids and scaling-up clean energy deployment. An excellent representation of experts from the private sector, international organizations, government, utilities and academia (40 in total) participated in the workshop.

The agenda, list of participants and presentations can be found at the following links.

For more information please contact the conference coordinators:

Kari Burman
U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Morgan Bazilian
Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis

About the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)

The annual CEM meetings serve as an important platform to advance international collaboration and accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies worldwide. The meetings also provide an opportunity for high-level engagement with private-sector stakeholders in roundtable discussions. This preparatory workshop was conducted by NREL through the Clean Energy Solutions Center to gather information that will inform the upcoming CEM4 roundtable discussion on mini-grids.