IRENA, Solutions Center Join Forces on Policy Assistance

4 January 2012

thumbnail map of IRENA membership

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Solutions Center will join forces in 2013 on a collaborative Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network (REPAN). REPAN experts and practitioners will offer advice, free of charge, on policies to accelerate the market introduction of renewable energy in countries around the world. Governments and the technical institutes assisting them may receive advice on specific issues on a quick-turnaround basis. They may also benefit from IRENA’s Renewable Readiness Assessments, which recommend specific actions for promoting renewables. And practitioners in the network will assist IRENA in efforts to boost the share of renewable energy on power grids in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Islands. IRENA will officially announce and launch this partnership during a side event at the 3rd session of the IRENA Assembly in Abu Dhabi, 12-14 January.