Clean Energy Policy News

26 November 2013
UNEP is showcasing some of the solutions being implemented under the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in a new photo exhibition titled, “We Have the Power: Efficient, Renewable, Affordable". Learn more.
14 November 2013
The Clean Energy Solutions Center presented a side event at COP 19 to share how the resources and services that are available through the Solutions Center are helping governments turn clean energy visions into reality. Learn more.
14 November 2013
At this year's COP 19 event, the Solutions Center hosted a side event in which the presenters highlighted how partnerships are leading to success in advancing clean energy policy worldwide. Learn more.
22 October 2013
The Clean Energy Solutions Center’s Ask An Expert service this month reached the milestone of responding to its 100th request for no-cost clean energy policy support. To date, more than 30 global policy experts have assisted representatives in more than 40 countries who have used the service, Learn more.
14 October 2013
The Energy Access Practitioner Network Practitioner has announced that Dr. Laura Stachel—co-founder of WE CARE Solar and one of the network's leaders—has been named one of the top ten CNN Heroes of 2013. Learn more.
14 August 2013
The China Greentech Report 2013 focused on China’s severe and worsening pollution situation, it five-year plan, and a new approach to accelerating sustainable development. Learn more.
13 August 2013
This seven-week programme explores how renewable energies represent both an environmental necessity and an economic opportunity for developing countries. Learn more.
13 July 2013
Eskom, South Africa’s national electricity provider, is investing for the first time in utility-scale renewable energy. The Renewables Support Programme, worth $1.3 billion, will see Eskom develop the first commercial-scale wind farm in the country and one of the world’s largest concentrating solar power plants. Each of these projects will add 100 megawatts to the grid. The projects were approved as the “best approach” to meeting South Africa’s goal of shifting the balance of its energy mix to 42% clean energy while reducing its carbon emissions. Learn more.
12 July 2013
This article discusses the prospects of using solar energy technologies to overcome humanitarian problems in developing countries and regions. It highlights initiatives and organizations, including the Solar Electric Light Fund SELF), NRG Energy, ENERSA, and Everybody Solar, which strive to provide electricity to energy poor areas using solar technologies. Solar is used to provide basic needs, such as refrigeration and water pumps, to help improve the standard of living Learn more.
12 July 2013
A recent blog post discusses regulatory and policy challenges facing energy access efforts. It focuses on issues discussed at the eighth annual Asia Clean Energy Forum, including that subsidies for fossil fuels or grid-provided electricity need to be addressed to level the playing field for clean energy access; streamlined, standardized product certification could boost consumer confidence in clean energy options; and clear planning on grid extension could reduce risk to energy access enterprises and investors; transparent, easy-to-administer end-user financing could help. Learn more.