Clean Energy Policy News

3 July 2013
Energy efficiency took center stage last week when President Obama announced a series of steps the administration will be taking to address climate change. From increasing fuel economy standards on heavy duty vehicles to making commercial and industrial buildings 20% more efficient by 2020, it is gratifying to see energy efficiency have such a prominent role. The administration is taking some good steps in the right direction, but is the nation really embracing energy efficiency? Has the United States made progress compared to last year? Are they on track to achieve their energy efficiency potential? Learn more.
3 July 2013
The 70th Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers—21 June 2013 in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire—considered and adopted the ECOWAS Policies on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, as well as the ECOWAS Small-Scale Hydro Power Programme and the ECOWAS Bio-energy Strategy. This followed the adoption of the report of the 11th Meeting of ECOWAS Energy Ministers, which was presented by the Honourable Oluniyi Robbin-Coker, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Sierra Leone. The regional RE&EE policies have been recommended to the Authority of Heads of State and Government for adoption. The regional policies represent a voluntary contribution of ECOWAS to the attainment of the SE4ALL targets in West Africa. Learn more.
20 June 2013
The International Energy Agency's Energy Technology Perspectives program recently released the 2013 installment of its Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013 report. The report is the IEA's official input to the Clean Energy Ministerial. It covers the progress that has been made to develop and deploy clean energy technologies compared to the target's in the IEA's 2 degree climate scenario. The lead authors will hold a webinar today to present the report findings. Learn more.
3 June 2013
A global transition towards sustainable energy systems is imperative, and the window of opportunity is now, said participants at the Vienna Energy Forum that opened in the Austrian Capital on the 28th of May. They also emphasized that Sustainable Energy for All, and initiative launched by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, should be at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda, and should be turned into a global goal on energy. Learn more.
20 May 2013
The International Energy Agency (IEA) will release the next installments of its Energy Policies of IEA Countries series for its member-countries Finland and Germany on 23 and 24 May 2013, respectively. These in-depth reviews, released on an on-going basis, catalog and provide analysis of IEA-member countries' energy sectors. The reviews focus on general energy policies, sector specific policies (e.g. fossil fuels, renewable, etc.), and energy technology policies. The two separate reports will be released in Helsinki and Berlin and the presentations along with the full reports will be available soon. Learn more.
26 April 2013
The Clean Energy Regulator Initiative (CERI) was recently established as an essential source of information on clean energy that leverages the resources of existing networks. It will serve as a knowledge partner to the Clean Energy Solutions Centers and other by providing information on current clean energy developments, related regulations and best practices. Learn more.
25 April 2013
The fourth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM4) held in New Delhi, India last week marked the one year anniversary of the IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP). IRELP is dedicated to providing access to renewable energy training for professionals in all connected fields and their training portal provides that access to more than 1,500 training courses worldwide. Learn more.
18 April 2013
India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are pleased to announce the release of the Indian Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy Database (IREEED) for policies, regulations, and incentives. Learn more.
17 April 2013
At the fourth Clean Energy Ministerial, the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) released its first-ever Global EV Outlook, which offers a unique global perspective on the burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market. /n/news/features/evi-releases-global-ev-outlook-2013 Learn more.
17 April 2013
Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013 examines progress in the development and deployment of key clean energy technologies. Each technology and sector is tracked against interim 2020 targets in the IEA 2012 Energy Technology Perspectives 2°C scenario, which lays out pathways to a sustainable energy system in 2050. Learn more.