Clean Energy Policy News

15 April 2013
The Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP), a network of almost 100 countries and international institutions supporting collaboration and peer learning on low emission development strategies, has launched a no-cost finance advisory service. Learn more.
12 April 2013
A new report on energy efficiency obligation schemes (EEOs) aim to help ensure that EEOs on energy distributors or retail energy sales companies are in a transparently and consistently established by member states. Learn more.
14 March 2013
The United States and Brunei announced on March 14 that they will create, and jointly chair, a new workstream of activities on renewable energy power generation to promote and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies in the countries participating in the East Asia Summit (EAS) Learn more.
11 February 2013
Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that Japan may decrease its solar feed-in tariff due to continued cost declines in the solar market. According to a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry statement, installed costs for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have declined by 14% since the tariff rate was first set for the year ending March 2013. Learn more.
11 February 2013
According to analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China installed 35% of all new onshore wind capacity in 2012. A total of 15.9 gigawatts of new wind capacity was added. As a point of comparison, the United States came in second with 13.2 gigawatts of new wind capacity. Bloomberg estimates China will continue the trend by installing even more in 2013, possibly 16.6 gigawatts. Learn more.
7 February 2013
Wind energy has provided more energy than any other source in Spain since 1 November 2012 according to an statement from the Spanish Wind Energy Association. Monthly generation from wind energy also exceeded six terawatt-hours for the first time as well, providing nearly one-quarter of all power generated. For more information aboiut this milestone, see these articles in Bloomberg and the Guardian. Learn more.
5 February 2013
In preparation for the upcoming CEM4 meeting in New Delhi (April 2013) , a workshop on techno-economic energy challenges and opportunities to scale-up mini-grid installations was held at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. Workshop topics included technical issues, policy, regulations, and standards to financial instruments, business models and capacity development. Learn more.
14 January 2013
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held the agency's third session of the assembly in Abu Dhabi on 13-14 January 2013. Ministers and senior government officials from over 150 countries convened to transfer the presidency of the assembly from Salvador Namburete of Mozambique to Martin Lidegaard of Denmark, present the Director-General's annual report, and give thematic presentations on some of IRENA's key work areas. The assembly kicked off Abu Dhabi Sustainable Energy Week, consisting of several events and conferences such as the World Future Energy Summit and the International Renewable Energy Conference 2013. Learn more.
10 January 2013
The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) announced the latest 28 clean energy projects it will funded. The projects cover improving energy access in Peru; scaling up of energy efficiency in Indonesian micro, small, and medium businesses; and promoting energy efficiency construction in Viet Nam. Learn more.
20 December 2012
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) recently launched the IRENA Renewable Energy Learning Partnership (IRELP) to help facilitate professional development and training in the renewable energy sector. The resource is an online clearinghouse of live and online training events worldwide. Learn more.