Advancing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs in Namibia


flag of Namibia""The CEM Initiative has been very helpful to us in Namibia by being a great networking hub. They have connected us with experts such as CLASP in our endeavor to establish an appliance labeling and standards development program. They have also connected us to different green building council experts who in turn are assisting Namibia in establishing its own green building council. The CEM Initiative is assisting Namibia in its renewable energy resources assessment." – Kudakwashe Ndhlukula, Coordinator at Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Institute

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI) with developing a concentrating solar power (CSP) program, a building certification and rating program, and an appliance standards and labeling program. Solutions Center policy experts from the Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program (CLASP), the World Green Building Council, the Mexico Green Building Council, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA) are consulting with REEEI on a range of effective policy designs covering the three program areas.

Impact of Assistance

The potential impact of the assistance provided is based on Namibia having the right tools and information to proceed with constructing a concentrated solar power plant accompanied by strong policies to support developing a CSP program throughout Namibia. Additionally, Solutions Center assistance will support design and development of an effective appliance labeling program, and implementing a "Green Building Council" building certification and rating program. These programs will facilitate integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies across a range of applications including new construction, and major renovation building projects.