Structuring Energy Efficiency and Biofuels Policies in Guyana


flag of Guyana"The Clean Energy Solutions Center provided quick and relevant responses to my questions. The excellent information provided will be useful in developing an energy efficiency campaign and energy audit training program in Guyana. Correspondence by the CESC has been pleasant, prompt, dedicated and diligent." – Henri Horn, United Nations Development Programme Guyana, Clean Energy and Climate

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is assisting the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with development of energy efficiency campaign approaches for local governments, developing an energy audit program, and structuring a biofuels policy. For the energy efficiency campaign, Solutions Center experts provided recommendations on optimal efficient use and switching of appliances, such as air conditioners. Additionally, Solutions Center experts provided information on proven successful energy audit training programs and materials, and guidance on specific biofuels that would be viable for conditions and engine systems in Guyana.

Impact of Assistance

The assistance provided will allow the governments in Guyana to incorporate effective requirements into their energy efficiency policies that will result in reduction of energy use and energy costs. Biofuels policies will be designed to include language on alternative fuels that will provide highest results for Guyana. Guyana will be able to facilitate capacity building through development of successful training programs for building energy auditors.