Catalyzing Low-Carbon Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Region

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"Together, the OAS and the Solutions Center are providing capacity building support that is assisting Antigua and Barbuda to operationalize our national environmental Fund. The support includes analyzing similar Funds as case studies for the Sustainable Island Resource Framework (SIRF) Fund, and the three selected funds. Lessons learned from these funds will be referenced in reviewing the Fund’s business model. The capacity building support also includes developing key template agreements and training Fund management on risk management and due diligence. The OAS and Solutions Center collaboration delivers high-value impacts on the ground."

– Department of Environment, Government of Antigua & Barbuda

Because of Caribbean economies' high energy tariff rates, dependence on fossil fuels, and vulnerability to climate change impacts, these countries can benefit from integrating climate, energy security, and other key goals under a broad sustainable development vision. Within this context, Caribbean countries have called for action to catalyze sustainable development.

To support this call to action, Caribbean countries are leading the design and implementation of clean energy initiatives that generate significant investment. The governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Belize and Trinidad and Tobago are inspiring action in the region and globally through the design and implementation of robust clean energy strategies with impactful results.

The Solutions Center and the Organization of American States (OAS), through its Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) program called the Sustainable Energy Capacity Building Initiative (SECBI) being executed by the Department of Sustainable Development, are teaming up to support Caribbean countries in design and implementation of robust sustainable energy action plans and broader clean energy policy frameworks.

Impact of Assistance

For a full overview of assistance impacts, see Catalyzing Low-Carbon Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Region: Clean Energy Successes in Antigua and Barbuda, Belize & Trinidad and Tobago.

Examples of assistance impacts include:

Antigua and Barbuda
Implementation and assessment of key renewable energy projects, including a 3-MW solar photovoltaic project at the VC Bird International Airport, pre-feasibility studies for a 10-MW pumped-hydro system to support energy storage, and balancing for a proposed 18-MW wind farm at Crabbs Peninsula

Launch of an energy efficiency standards and labeling program for at least four products in partnership with the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP). The program will support consumers in making informed purchase decisions related to energy use to reduce energy consumption and lessen peak demand.

Trinidad and Tobago
Facilitation of PPA development through stakeholder engagement and workshops; In particular, a 2015 workshop supported by SECBI and the Solutions Center brought together key stakeholder groups necessary to implement, monitor and enact renewable energy PPAs. Key stakeholders, including all three current independent power producers discussed PPA development and implementation.