Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 10:45 to Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 10:45

Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa 2017, Solarplaza’s 9th event on the continent, will bring together hundreds of representatives of development banks, investment funds, solar developers, IPPs, EPCs & other solar stakeholders.

Solar World Congress 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 10:15 to Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 10:15

The overarching theme of the joint conference "ISES Solar World Congress 2017" and "International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling" is innovation for the 100% renewable energy transformation.

Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 10:15 to Friday, October 20, 2017 - 10:15

Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo is Nigeria’s leading renewable energy event, where industry professionals converge and learn about sustainable and clean energy.

Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Humanitarian Workshop

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 10:00 to Friday, December 1, 2017 - 10:00

The primary objective of the SAFE Humanitarian Workshop is to build the knowledge and capacity of field practitioners and other stakeholders to provide effective fuel and energy solutions for cooking, lighting, heating and powering to crisis-affected people. The workshop is also the only annual event that convenes the full range of stakeholders engaged in humanitarian energy initiatives, such as NGOs, government representatives, researchers, and businesses.

Global LEAP Announces 2016–2017 Off-Grid TV and Fan Competition Results

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP)—a market development initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial that has been led by the U.S. Department of Energy and supported by a variety of development partners including Power Africa—has announced the Winners and Finalists of the 2016–2017 Global LEAP Awards Television and Fan Competitions. The awards identify and promote the world’s best, most energy-efficient appliances that are designed for use with off-grid solar energy systems.

PFAN, ECREEE and CTCN Call for Proposals: Women-led Sustainable Energy Enterprises in West Africa

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ECREEE, CTCN and PFAN have launched a call for proposals for women-led sustainable energy enterprises in West-Africa, as part of the CTCN/ECOWAS Project on Mainstreaming Gender for a Climate-Resilient Energy System in West Africa. Women-led businesses employing clean energy solutions to facilitate women’s economic empowerment in the ECOWAS countries and seeking investments of up to USD 50 million are invited to apply by the 20th of November 2017.

Executive Development Programme for Sustainable Energy Efficiency

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 18:30 to Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 18:30

This event, which is offered by OLADE in in collaboration with the Solutions Center, is intended for decision makers involved in the design and implementation of energy efficiency policies, programs and projects at the public and private levels.