Jane Wilkinson

Jane Wilkinson

Director, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

Jane Wilkinson is a Director at CPI and plays a key role in setting strategy and managing teams in the land use and climate finance work programs. She joined CPI in 2012, and founded the Indonesia program the same year. She served as Director of the Indonesia program until 2016, and she continues to play a close role managing strategy and analysis in Indonesia, as well as across other CPI programs. In 2014, she helped establish The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance.

Jane advises leaders in the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia, Unilever Corporation, and the G7 governments among many others. She has also been a lead contributor on numerous CPI reports including the Global Landscape of Climate Finance, the Landscape of Public Climate Finance in Indonesia and the Background Report for the G7 on Long-Term Climate Finance.

Prior to joining CPI, Jane served the Australian government as a professional diplomat and policy expert for more than eight years, leading analytic and negotiation teams on international policy, finance, markets and trade issues. In her time in government, she was responsible for developing the response to the climate financing challenge including through the design and delivery of Australia’s fast-start financing package, analytical inputs to the UNSG High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing, and she was appointed Senior Adviser to the Garnaut Review 2011 Update. Previously, Jane worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including in Indonesia where she worked on legal and international security issues.

Jane regularly speaks at high-profile events on land use and climate finance. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Monash University and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from Macquarie University.