Clean Energy Events for Policymakers and Others

24 April 2018
A webinar focused on the latest trends and innovations in appliance efficiency and their role in increasing access to clean, reliable and low-cost energy. Learn more.
25 April 2018
A webinar on tariff-setting strategies and considerations for isolated mini-grids in rural electrification contexts that will cover best practices and will provide resources to use in adopting them. Learn more.
25 April 2018
This webinar will present findings from the CPI paper, Blended Finance in Clean Energy: Experiences and Opportunities. Specifically it will (1) describe the risks and barriers to investors in clean energy and how blended finance has been used to address them, (2) look at what more is needed to unlock clean energy investment opportunities in developing economies and (3) provide examples of successful instruments from the Lab and other initiatives that have used blended finance to tackle investment barriers in clean energy. Learn more.
2 May 2018
A discussion of the energy efficiency barriers that firms and households face in Europe and a look at some illustrative empirical evidence of how these play out. Learn more.
8 May 2018
A dialogue on ways to integrate existing and proven technologies into sustainable systems that can provide access to fresh water, generate green electricity and manage renewable energy intermittency Learn more.
18 May 2018
A webinar providing a state-of-the-industry overview of the considerations related to cost-effective deployment of energy storage in power systems pursuing high penetrations of variable renewable energy. Learn more.
25 June 2018 to 27 June 2018
This event connects evaluators and implementers of low-carbon policies and programmes, with the aim of contributing to the scaleup of energy efficiency efforts by improving the assessment of their potential and actual impacts, and by providing implementers and investors with an understanding of what works and what does not. Learn more.