Efficient Water Use in Residential Urban Landscapes


HortScience Journal
Rolston St. Hilaire
Michael A. Arnold
Don C. Wilkerson
Dale A. Devitt
Brian H. Hurd
Bruce J. Lesikar
Virginia I. Lohr
Chris A. Martin
Garry V. McDonald
Robert L. Morris
Dennis R. Pittenger
David A. Shaw
David F. Zoldoske
1 December 2008

This journal article describes how urban population growth, improved living standards and dwindling water supplies in the United States are causing the demand for treated municipal water to exceed the supply. With landscape irrigation accounting for 40% to 70% of household use of water, this article seeks to summarize how irrigation and water technologies, landscape design and management strategies, and the relationship among people and the urban landscape all impact the efficient use of water in urban landscapes.