Accelerating Building Efficiency: Eight Actions for Urban Leaders


World Resources Institute
Renilde BecquƩ
Eric Mackres
Jennifer Layke
Nate Aden
Sifan Liu
Katrina Managan
Clay Nesler
Susan Mazur-Stommen
Ksenia Petrichenko
Peter Graham
11 May 2016

This guide provides local governments and urban leaders around the world with the background, guidance and tools needed to accelerate building efficiency action. The authors detail eight actions that deliver accelerated building efficiency in cities, including (1) building efficiency codes and standards, (2) efficiency improvement targets, (3) performance information and certifications, (4) incentives and finance, (5) government leadership by example, (6) engaging building owners, managers, and occupants, (7) engaging technical and financial service providers and (8) working with utilities.