European Best Practices for M&V Schemes and Coordination Mechanisms


Minas Iatridis
Christos Tourkolias
Andrea Jamek
Nina Pickl
Jan Andersen
Tyge Kjaer
Ivars Kudrenickis
Gaidis Klavs
Janis Rekis
Lovorko Maric
Marko Matosovic
Mia Dragovic
Marc Ringel
Romualdas Skema
Sigitas Masaitis
Konstantin Dimitrov
Sashe Panevski
Eduard Jambor
Michal Nemeth
Benjamin Struss
26 April 2016

This report presents the results of a preliminary analysis conducted on a large array of cases across Europe. Potential factors that impact the effectiveness of the monitoring and verification (M&V) schemes and coordination mechanisms—positively or negatively—were the subject of the analysis and which led to a set of policy recommendations.