Leading Edge of Electric Vehicle Market Development in the United States: An Analysis of California Cities


The International Council on Clean Transportation
Stephanie Searle
Nikita Pavlenko
Nic Lutsey
11 September 2016

The authors of this study analyse the California electric vehicle market in 2015 to discern best-practice policy and promotion activities that might be emulated elsewhere. According to the authors, their work provides a first-such analysis of electric vehicle markets at the city level in California. Along with an analysing city-level electric vehicle uptake, they assess the public charging infrastructure, model availability, and other factors to identify leading-edge electric vehicle markets in California. For this work, they conducted a detailed analysis of the 30 California cities with the highest rates of electric vehicle penetration, examining how local organizations like regional and city governments, utilities, businesses and nonprofits are promoting electric vehicles through a wide array of activities.