The Nexus of Agricultural Water Use and Economic Development Level


Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences
Piamchan Doungmanee
1 January 2016

This paper studied the relationship of water use for agricultural purposes in 154 countries and their economic development. In this study, the economic development in a country, as indicated by per capita GNI, was separated into four income groups, based on the World Bank criteria: (1) high income; (2) upper-middle income; (3) lower-middle income; and (4) low income. The results of the study revealed that water use for agricultural purposes usually takes the highest proportion of water consumption in low, lower-middle, and upper-middle income countries. The study also indicated that the quantity of water used for agricultural purposes gradually increased with the income of a country; that is, the greater the income, the more agricultural water was used. On the other hand, less water was consumed in high-income countries.