Appliances and Equipment

Improvements in efficiency of appliances and equipment are widely recognized as one of the most cost-effective options to reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions and foster economic development. This page provides access to technical resources that policymakers can use to inform the design and implementation of appliance standards and labelling programs.

Good Practices for Improving the Efficiency of Appliances and Equipment

  • Appliance standards are most effective when combined with well-funded and sustained enforcement programs.
  • Appliance standards are most effective when they challenge the competitive appliance and equipment market to remove inefficient products.
  • Appliance standards should be reviewed and updated at least every five years as technology improvements are made.
  • Labelling programs have the greatest success when coupled with robust consumer education efforts.
  • Tax incentives and rebates are effective in reinforcing standards and labelling programs.
  • Standards and labelling schemes are more effective when coupled with databases that aid consumers in comparing products.

See also voluntary appliances and equipment labelling and appliance and equipment standards, required labelling.