Who's Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2010 Edition


PEW Charitable Trusts
The Clean Energy Economy
Ethan Zindler
Nicole Aspinall
Victoria Cuming
Anna Czajkowska
Stuart Davis
Krishnan Shakkottai
Michael Liebreich
Tracy Schario
Kymberly Escobar
Peter Dykstra
Pete Janhunen
Shannon Pao
Jonathan Rich
1 March 2011

This report examines key financial, investment and technological trends related to clean energy in the world's leading economies, the Group of Twenty (G-20). It documents the continued growth and dynamism of clean energy investment in these economies, and follows recent Pew research showing that policy priority for clean energy is well-placed. Countries that succeed in attracting investment can realize the economic, security and environmental benefits of the global race to harness clean, renewable energy sources.