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  1. Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Micro Hydro Power in Developing Countries

    In this report, data shows that in certain circumstances, micro hydro power can be more appropriate and profitable than other energy supply options. Also, this report identifies and describes many funding models, including revolving funds; combinations of ...

    United Kingdom Department for International Development

    March 2000

  2. Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Development

    This paper: 1) reviews international commitments to RET use and rural development and examines the link connecting RETs with rural development; 2) looks at RET options and potential benefits and deployment challenges; 3) investigates, using a number of ca ...

    United Nations

    August 2011

  3. The Energy Access Situation in Developing Countries: A Review Focusing on the Least Developed Countries and Sub-Saharan Africa

    In this report, the authors look at modern energy services in developing countries. The primary purpose of this document is to quantify and report the statistics related to energy use, energy poverty and the health impacts of energy in developing countrie ...

    United Nations

    August 2011

  4. Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Global Electricity Technology Deployment

    This report reviews different policy mechanisms that can strengthen public-private partnerships (PPP)s. The goal of this report is to identify the best PPPs that support the global deployment of low and zero-emitting electricity technologies and identify ...

    United Nations

    August 2011

  5. Hybrid Mini-Grids For Rural Electrification: Lessons Learned

    This report identifies the best practices for mini-grid implementation by looking at things like power purchase agreements; operation and maintenance costs; and regulatory framework and business, economic and social factors. This document primarily looks ...

    Alliance for Rural Electrification

    August 2011

  6. Opportunities and Challenges for Carbon Capture and Sequestration

    This policy brief outlines high-level issues related to the deployment of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). It broadly introduces some key challenges that must be addressed for wide-scale deployment of CCS. Selected challenges facing the technology ...

    World Resources Institute

    October 2007

  7. Access to Energy for the Poor: An Asia-Pacific Regional Initiative

    This concept paper addresses the creation of a regional initiative to address challenges of energy access for the poor. The initiative focuses on enhancing financing mechanisms, replicating successes in energy lending, sharing best practices, and promotin ...

    Asian Development Bank

    September 2008

  8. Assessing Policy Options for Increasing the Use of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: Modelling Energy Scenarios for Ghana

    This report compares the potential and cost of three national policies (renewable energy quota or REQ, public benefit fund, and clean development mechanism) to address accessibility, affordability, and import dependence issues in Ghana. Energy models foun ...

    United Nations

    May 2006

  9. Assessment of Pico Hydro as an Option for Off-Grid Electrification in Kenya

    This paper discusses off-grid electrification options for low-income households in rural Kenya. Topics addressed include the recent introduction of pico hydro schemes (schemes of fewer than five kilowatts), the details of the implementation of two communi ...

    Renewable Energy Journal

    January 2003

  10. Background Data Collection on Bio-Energy in the Caribbean and Central America

    This report identifies opportunities for bio-energy development in Caribbean and Central American nations, including the technical potential for biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel) and biopower generation. A country overview, energy overview, bio-energy prod ...

    United Nations

    December 2006