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  1. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Green Growth Studies: Energy

    This report argues that green growth can meet the challenge of promoting economic growth while not irreversibly depleting natural resources and the environment. For a variety of economic and structural reasons, the energy sector poses a particular challen ...

    Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

    January 2012

  2. Distributed Solar Incentive Programs: Recent Experience and Best Practices for Design and Implementation

    This report examines best practices for designing and implementing solar incentive programs by reviewing these programs from entities across the United States. It focuses on capacity-based rebates and production-based incentives. In addition, it outlines ...

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    December 2012

  3. Sustainable Energy in America 2013 Factbook

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance provides a full market review of a rapidly changing energy landscape in the United States. Quantitative and objective market intelligence is given for clean energy technologies including natural gas and renewable energy as wel ...

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance

    January 2013

  4. The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads

    This report highlights China’s response to rapidly increasing pollution levels and the “greentech” progress made on the 12th five-year plan. It offers visions and roadmaps for greentech development in the built environment, electric vehicles, low-carbon e ...

    China Greentech Initiative

    June 2013

  5. Appliances Get Smart: But How and When?

    The paper reviews reports on an analysis of smart appliances and reviews different types of appliance “smartness.” It reviews smart appliance standardisation in Japan, the United States, Europe, Australia and China, and the development of relevant standar ...


    February 2014

  6. Introduction to Smart Grids (Smart Grids Series Factbook)

    This training material, published by the SBC Energy Institute (SBC-EI), summarizes the innovations that are collectively known as smart-grid technologies. It highlights the challenges faced by traditional grid designs, identifies key smart-grid technologi ...

    July 2015

  7. Utility Scale Renewable Energy: Understanding Cost Parity

    This fact sheet outlines how electricity supply options (renewable vs. traditional), specifically utility-scale renewable energy systems, can be appropriately compared. Utility Scale Renewable Energy: Understanding Cost Parity World Resources Institute Jo ...

    February 2015

  8. City-level Energy Decision Making: Data Use in Energy Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation in U.S. Cities

    This report describes how cities in the United States are increasingly taking action to improve the sustainability of their jurisdictions and how clean energy and energy efficiency must be central components of these efforts. The authors gathered data fro ...

    July 2015

  9. Clean Energy Ministerial 6 (CEM6): Public-private Consortia for Advanced Clean Energy Technology Research

    The public-private roundtable summarized on this web page describes how centers for clean energy technology innovation provide opportunities for stakeholders in the scientific community to perform cutting-edge research and development to work together in ...

    May 2015

  10. Energy Innovation with and for Consumers, Customers and Citizens

    This webinar covered key results, best practice examples, and recommendations for fostering energy end user involvement from the S3C project, ISGAN Annex7, and beyond. Presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audi ...

    February 2016