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  1. Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

    This report summarizes the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned regarding the use of publicly backed guarantees (PBGs) to build clean energy markets. A PBG is a contractual obligation by which a government (institution), ag ...

    United Nations

    January 2010

  2. Assessing Policy Options for Increasing the Use of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: Modelling Energy Scenarios for Ghana

    This report compares the potential and cost of three national policies (renewable energy quota or REQ, public benefit fund, and clean development mechanism) to address accessibility, affordability, and import dependence issues in Ghana. Energy models foun ...

    United Nations

    May 2006

  3. Rural Electrification with Renewable Technologies: Quality Standards and Business Models

    This report summarizes the off-grid renewable energy solutions available to rural entities. Through case studies, it provides background on off-grid technology, discusses the advantages and challenges of using renewable energy, offers insight into quality ...

    Alliance for Rural Electricification

    June 2011

  4. Access to Clean Energy: A Glimpse of Off-Grid Projects in India

    This report presents a collection of case studies on successful off-grid projects implemented throughout India, including gasifier, biogas, biofuel, cook stove, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and watermill projects. Access to Clean Energy: A Glimpse o ...

    Government of India

    October 2011

  5. Clean Energy Applications in Asia and the Pacific

    This report presents 12 practical applications of clean energy projects in Asian countries, including solar, wind, small hydropower, and biomass projects. For each application, the report briefly describes the specific project, lessons learned, barriers t ...

    Asian Development Bank

    November 2006

  6. Final Report on Renewable Energy Technologies in Argentina

    This report analyzes the energy needs and capacity of Argentina's renewable energy sector, including current initiatives such as solar water pumping and biofuel programs. Seven case studies representing various climates and populations in Argentina a ...

    Fundacion Bariloche

    December 2005

  7. Making Sustainable Biofuels Work for Smallholder Farmers and Rural Households: Issues and Perspectives

    This report summarizes the main risks and opportunities that can arise from liquid biofuel production and use in developing countries. Opportunities include rural development potential, increased energy access, and improved energy security. The paper offe ...

    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

    January 2009

  8. Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives: Brief Description and Preliminary Lessons on Livelihood Impacts from Case Studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa

    This report focuses on the impacts that different types of local level bioenergy initiatives—including bioresources, bioresidues, and biofuels—can have on rural livelihoods in different contexts in the developing world. The report is based on a series of ...

    United Nations

    January 2009

  9. Using Microfinance to Expand Access to Energy Services: Summary of Findings

    This report summarizes findings on energy financing needs and the role microfinance in expanding energy access. The report reviews energy lending programs for countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and it makes recommendations for su ...

    The SEEP Network

    November 2007

  10. Energy Costing Tool

    The Energy Costing Tool is an Excel-based model designed to help countries estimate the costs of increasing access to energy services to support the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MGD). More information is available on the Energy Acce ...

    United Nations