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  1. Financing Energy Efficiency: Lessons from Brazil, China, India, and Beyond

    This report details the need for energy efficiency interventions, models for energy efficiency investments suitable for the institutional environment, identifying and developing investment projects, and effectively delivering financing. Detailed global ca ...

    World Bank

    January 2008

  2. Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

    This report summarizes the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned regarding the use of publicly backed guarantees (PBGs) to build clean energy markets. A PBG is a contractual obligation by which a government (institution), ag ...

    United Nations

    January 2010

  3. Small Wind Turbines: Global Market Size, Analysis by Power Range, Regulations and Competitive Landscape to 2020

    This report analyzes the technology, key drivers, restraints, and market trends in the global small wind turbine (less than 100 kilowatts) market. The cost analysis of major turbine manufacturers in the global wind market is included, as are data on the p ...

    Energy Business Reports

    June 2011

  4. 25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations: 2011 Update

    This document provides 25 best practices and policy recommendations for energy efficiency in different sectors, including buildings, appliances, lighting, transport, industry, utilities. One recommendation is that governments should develop and implement ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2011

  5. Barriers to Energy Efficiency Improvement: Empirical Evidence from Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises in China

    This paper analyzes barriers for energy efficiency investments in China based on a survey of 480 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Zhejiang province. More than 40% of enterprises in the sample indicated that they were unaware of energy saving equipme ...

    Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

    November 2011

  6. Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Small Industry Clusters: Multi-Criteria-Based Prioritization Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

    This paper identifies barriers to energy efficiency in energy-intensive, small-scale industry (SSI) clusters in India. The field data from the foundry cluster in Belgaum and the brick and tile cluster in Karnataka are reviewed. Barriers are prioritized ba ...


    November 2005

  7. Energy Efficiency Improvements in Small, Medium-Sized and Informal Enterprises in Zimbabwe

    This document summarizes a project to implement energy efficiency measures and build capacity for energy management in 12 small and medium enterprises in Zimbabwe. Technology upgrades, environmental benefits, partners, and lessons learned are discussed. O ...

    United Nations

    January 2002

  8. Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Success Factors and Obstacles

    Businesses in 12 European countries were surveyed to identify characteristics that enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve energy efficiency or prevent them from doing so. The main findings, as presented in this report, include lack of energ ...

    European Commission

    March 2010

  9. Energy Efficiency: A New Resource for Sustainable Growth

    This report summarizes the results of energy efficiency surveys undertaken by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. The report discusses how small and large industrial enterprises in the ...

    The World Bank

    January 2010

  10. Financing Energy Efficiency Projects for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (Presentation)

    This presentation of a United Nations Environment Programme workshop outlines the potential benefits, components, and ways of financing energy efficiency projects, specifically in the context of small and medium enterprises in India. It provides general b ...

    United Nations

    December 2006