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  1. China Motor System Energy Conservation Program: A National Initiative to Reduce Motor System Energy Use in China

    This report reviews China's establishment of a China Motor Systems Energy Conservation Program in order to improve the efficiency of motor systems. Elements of this program include: work to develop minimum efficiency standards for motors; a voluntary ...

    United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    January 2002

  2. Large-Scale Residential Energy Efficiency Programs Based on Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

    The overall goal of this report is to review and synthesize the important operational (design, financing and implementation) elements of a large-scale, energy-efficient lighting program in a user-friendly toolkit format. The report covers compact fluoresc ...

    World Bank

    December 2009

  3. Smart and Just Grids: Opportunities for Sub‐Saharan Africa

    This report places the Smart Grids concept in the context of sub‐Saharan African, shifting the focus towards the facilitation of just access. It illustrates potential opportunities for leapfrogging elements of traditional power systems, the role of energy ...

    United Nations

    February 2011

  4. An Economic Welfare Analysis of Demand Response in the PJM Electricity Market

    This report analyses the economic properties of the demand response program in the PJM wholesale electricity market of the eastern United States. The authors estimate a subsidy range in which the social welfare gains outweigh the distortions of the subsid ...

    Carnegie Mellon University Electricity Industry Center

    October 2008

  5. Electricity Transmission Policy for America: Enabling a Smart Grid, End-to-End

    This report proposes a framework of policies to guide the future development of the United States’ electric transmission grid. It provides an overview of the U.S. electric power industry, with a focus on high voltage transmission, and it analyses a range ...

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    July 2009

  6. Green Paper: A European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy

    This report details the state of European energy markets and the steps needed to develop fully competitive energy markets. It describes benefits of flexible energy markets, including security of supply and lower prices. The report recommends developing in ...

    European Commission

    March 2006

  7. High-Voltage Broadband-Over-Powerline (HV-BPL) Field Test Report

    This report details findings from a pilot High Voltage Broadband over Power Line (HV-BPL) program, an effort to develop a disruptive technology that can not only replace the pilot wire relaying systems used to protect some high voltage transmission lines ...

    United States National Energy Technology Laboratory

    November 2009

  8. Piloting the Smart Grid

    This paper provides guidance regarding when and how smart grid piloting studies should be conducted along with examples from several recent pilots that involved dynamic pricing, a key element of the smart grid. Smart grid piloting studies can help federal ...

    Smart Grid News

    May 2009

  9. Household Response to Dynamic Pricing of Electricity: A Survey of the Experimental Evidence

    This report surveys evidence from 15 recent experiments with dynamic pricing of electricity in the United States and Canada. The report presents evidence that households respond to higher prices by lowering usage. The magnitude of price response depends o ...

    Harvard University

    January 2009

  10. The Smart Grid: An Estimation of the Energy and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Benefits

    This report articulates nine mechanisms by which the smart grid can reduce energy use and carbon impacts associated with electricity generation and delivery in the United States. The quantitative estimates of potential reductions in electricity sector ene ...

    United States Department of Energy

    January 2010