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  1. Modelling Energy Futures Forum Scenarios Using an Energy Sector Model (ESM)

    The purpose of this report is to provide details of economic modelling using an Australian Energy Sector Model (ESM) to determine the potential outcomes of scenarios developed by the Energy Futures Forum. The Energy Futures Forum is a diverse group of ene ...

    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

    December 2006

  2. Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

    This report summarizes the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned regarding the use of publicly backed guarantees (PBGs) to build clean energy markets. A PBG is a contractual obligation by which a government (institution), ag ...

    United Nations

    January 2010

  3. Who's Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2010 Edition

    This report examines key financial, investment and technological trends related to clean energy in the world's leading economies, the Group of Twenty (G-20). It documents the continued growth and dynamism of clean energy investment in these economies ...

    PEW Charitable Trusts

    March 2011

  4. Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

    The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) works with cities worldwide to bring about sustainable transport solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce poverty, and improve the quality of urban life. The ITDP website provides s ...

    Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

  5. Final Report on Renewable Energy Technologies in Argentina

    This report analyzes the energy needs and capacity of Argentina's renewable energy sector, including current initiatives such as solar water pumping and biofuel programs. Seven case studies representing various climates and populations in Argentina a ...

    Fundacion Bariloche

    December 2005

  6. Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation: Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World

    This report evaluates biomass energy options. It provides an overview and background on the emerging bio-economy as well as nine papers that illustrate representative issues related to resource use, conversion options, and the development of new product m ...

    United Nations

    January 2007

  7. EnergyPLAN (computer model)

    The EnergyPLAN model is a computer model designed for energy systems analysis. It is a deterministic model which optimises the operation of a given energy system on the basis of inputs and outputs defined by the user. The main purpose of the model is to a ...

    Aalborg University

    November 2011

  8. Evaluating Research and Development (R&D) for Clean Transportation Technologies (Conference Proceedings)

    This website provides the background and proceedings of an international conference that focused on the importance of research and development in the clean transportation field. Presentations focus on the role of evaluation in transforming research and de ...

    International Energy Agency

  9. 2011 Summit Highlights: Transport for Society

    This website provides webcasts of keynote speeches as well as presentation slides, session summaries, and other documents from the International Transport Forum's 2011 summit. The summit brought together ministers, business leaders, and top academics ...

    International Transport Forum

  10. Financing Clean Transportation: A Discussion on Expanding Overseas

    This webinar features presentations from an Investment Officer in the Transaction Group of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Managing Director of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Finance at the Overseas Private Investment Cor ...


    May 2011