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  1. Office of Energy Efficiency (Canada) (Website)

    The Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) website provides helpful information users need to save energy, save money and help protect the environment while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Through i ...

    Natural Resources Canada

  2. Modelling Energy Futures Forum Scenarios Using an Energy Sector Model (ESM)

    The purpose of this report is to provide details of economic modelling using an Australian Energy Sector Model (ESM) to determine the potential outcomes of scenarios developed by the Energy Futures Forum. The Energy Futures Forum is a diverse group of ene ...

    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

    December 2006

  3. Biofuels: Policies, Standards, and Technologies

    This report was produced from contributions of the World Energy Council (WEC) Task Force to examine the biofuels markets and identify the main production technologies in use today and in the future and the main barriers to an accelerated development and d ...

    World Energy Council

    January 2010

  4. Technology Mapping of the Renewable Energy, Buildings, and Transport Sectors: Policy Drivers and International Trade Aspects

    This paper synthesizes findings from technology mapping studies of the renewable energy supply, residential and commercial buildings and transport sectors. The objective of the mapping studies was to identify key climate-mitigation technologies and associ ...

    International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

    May 2010

  5. Special Report on China and Chinese Provinces

    This report contains an overview of renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE/EE) legislation and policies in China at the national level along with examples of RE/EE activities in the provinces, several major municipalities and some autonomous regions. ...

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

    January 2010

  6. Renewable Energy Policy: Country Profiles

    The purpose of this report was to assist European Commission Member State governments in preparing for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) and to guide a European policy for Renewable Energy Standards (RES) in the mid- to lon ...

    European Commission

    October 2009

  7. Sustainable Bioenergy: A Framework for Policymakers

    This report provides a framework for decision-makers to consider nine key sustainability issues and implications facing bioenergy development, including: 1) the ability of modern bioenergy to provide energy services for the poor; 2) agro-industrial develo ...

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

    April 2007

  8. Publicly Backed Guarantees as Policy Instruments to Promote Clean Energy

    This report summarizes the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned regarding the use of publicly backed guarantees (PBGs) to build clean energy markets. A PBG is a contractual obligation by which a government (institution), ag ...

    United Nations

    January 2010

  9. Energy Policies for Sustainable Development in South Africa

    This report offers an analysis of both demand- and supply-side policies including their contribution to energy objectives and broader sustainable development goals. On the demand side, the policy options modeled cover the industrial, commercial, residenti ...

    Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town

    April 2006

  10. Deploying Renewables in Southeast Asia: Trends and Potentials- Executive Summary

    This working paper executive summary outlines the potential for and barriers to renewable energy deployment in Southeast Asia. It summarizes policy recommendations for achieving large-scale diffusion of renewables, which include reducing non-economic barr ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2010