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  1. A Powering Agriculture Guide on Integrating Gender in the Deployment of Clean Energy Solutions for Agriculture

    8 June 2017 Keywords by: agriculture best practice clean energies Energy-Water-Food Nexus ... women farmers, who have been under-targeted and underserved. It provides best practices on how to ... to both female and male clients. A Powering Agriculture Guide on Integrating Gender in the Deployment ...

    June 2017

  2. Designing Sustainable Off-grid Rural Electrification Projects: Principles and Practices

    Based on practical knowledge and international experience accumulated via past and ongoing World ... projects and country situations, the resource offers basic design principles and sound practices for ... Practices World Bank The Energy and Mining Sector Board United States Energy Access Rural Electrification ...

    World Bank

    November 2008

  3. Green Growth Best Practice Synthesis of Key Findings

    by others. Green Growth Best Practice Synthesis of key findings Global Green Growth Institute ... Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Utility Publication Agriculture Efficiency Requirements Appliance and ...

    Global Green Growth Institute

    March 2014

  4. Water and Energy Footprint of Irrigated Agriculture in the Mediterranean Region

    Irrigated agriculture constitutes the largest consumer of freshwater in the Mediterranean region ... agriculture in the region. An integrated assessment combining a gridded water balance model with a geodatabase ... production in the region. Water and Energy Footprint of Irrigated Agriculture in the Mediterranean Region ...

    December 2014

  5. Evaluation of CRP on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS)

    The CGIAR Research Program (CRP) on aquatic agricultural systems was designed to bring together ... the CGIAR’s strengths in agricultural research with the experience and local knowledge of research and ... agricultural systems, which are defined as “agricultural systems in which the annual production dynamics of ...

    March 2018

  6. The Nexus of Agricultural Water Use and Economic Development Level

    This paper studied the relationship of water use for agricultural purposes in 154 countries and ... use for agricultural purposes usually takes the highest proportion of water consumption in low, ... agricultural purposes gradually increased with the income of a country; that is, the greater the income, the ...

    January 2016

  7. Achieving Food Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Innovation: Potential Role of Agricultural Extension

    Potential Role of Agricultural Extension Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences Sajid Fiaz ...

    September 2016

  8. Water Evaluation and Planning System

    between agricultural, municipal and environmental uses now requires the full integration of supply, ... aims to incorporate these issues into a practical yet robust tool for integrated water resources ...

    Stockholm Environment Institute

    January 2011

  9. Bioethanol in Africa: A Case for Technology Transfer and South-South Cooperation

    Cooperation IRENA Renewable Energy Biofuels Publication 1 October 2016 Keywords by: agricultural practices ...

    October 2016

  10. The Bioenergy and Water Nexus

    development can improve agricultural practices. The findings indicate that bioenergy’s water demands are in ... implications for sustainable agriculture, land use, and food production. The Bioenergy and Water Nexus United ...

    United Nations

    September 2011