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  1. An Overview of Behind-The Meter Solar-Plus-Storage Regulatory Design: Approaches and Case Studies to Inform International Applications

    are being addressed in practice. Though the authors attempt to segment many of these issues into ...

    March 2020

  2. Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

    This report explores the state of finance for climate adaptation. And it proposes practical ...

    December 2018

  3. Assessing the Feasibility of Using Produced Water for Irrigation in Colorado

    agriculture based on a combined index of need, quality of produced water and quantity of produced water. ... agriculture irrigated agriculture water resources Energy-Water-Food Nexus Energy Sector Electricity and ...

    November 2018

  4. Productive Use of Energy In African Micro-Grids: Technical and Business Considerations

    Weston United States Non-profit/Government Publication Agriculture Efficiency Requirements 1 August 2018 ...

    August 2018

  5. Reusing Oil and Gas Produced Water for Irrigation of Food Crops in Drylands

    produces significant and increasing volumes of produced water that could be partly reused for agricultural ... Water for Irrigation of Food Crops in Drylands Agricultural Water Management Alban Echchelh Tim Hess ... Ruben Sakrabani Publication 30 July 2018 Keywords by: crops food security irrigated agriculture water ...

    July 2018

  6. Agrivoltaic Systems to Optimise Land Use for Electric Energy Production

    Agricultural Impacts Industry Impacts Land Consumption Integrated Approaches Policies and Plans Land Use ...

    June 2018

  7. Enhancing the Quality of Life in Polish Cities with Energy and Resource Efficient Revitalization

    of present best practices for policy frameworks and concrete revitalization measures. Enhancing the ...

    June 2018

  8. Practical Guide to Women in Energy

    equality. Practical Guide To Women in Energy United States Agency International Development The Cadmus Group ...

    June 2018

  9. Practical Guide to Women in Energy Regulation

    development of energy infrastructure Practical Guide to Women in Energy Regulation National Association of ...

    June 2018

  10. Transdisciplinarity and the Food Energy and Water Nexus: Ecological Modernization and Supply Chain Sustainability Perspectives

    Ecological modernization (ecological technology) policies and practices, and sustainable supply ...

    June 2018