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  1. Renewable Energy Costs in the Pacific

    risks solar solar photovoltaic wind Finance Economy Developing Grid Integration Grid Investment and ...

    March 2019

  2. Advancing Energy Efficiency on the Global Agenda Activity Report 2009-19

    This report aims to describe how nations can increase their understanding of efficiency, invest in it ...

    January 2019

  3. Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

    near-term solutions to both fill knowledge gaps and increase investment, particularly in developing ... and derisking adaptation investment. Understanding and Increasing Finance for Climate Adaptation in ... Sustainability Planning Corporations National Finance Investment Climate Finance ...

    December 2018

  4. Ensuring Greener Economic Growth for Brazil

    greenhouse gas emissions land-use Nationally Determined Contributions Finance Economy Developed Investment ...

    November 2018

  5. Assessing the Feasibility of Using Produced Water for Irrigation in Colorado

    This research explores which counties in Colorado may be best suited to reusing produced water for ...

    November 2018

  6. 2017 Offshore Wind Technologies Market Update

    strategic research investments buoyed the U.S. offshore wind market in 2017. The offshore wind project ...

    August 2018

  7. Customer Agreement Considerations for Micro-Grids in Sub-Saharan Africa

    This report discusses one dimension of building bankable micro-grid investments: the customer ...

    August 2018

  8. Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: Global and Regional Status and Trends

    modern energy services in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner. Fostering private investment ...

    July 2018

  9. Renewables Global Status Report

    renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide. It relies on up-to-date ... Investment Report (GTR). Renewables Global Status Report REN21 France Clean Transport Crosscutting Energy ...


    June 2018

  10. Enhancing the Quality of Life in Polish Cities with Energy and Resource Efficient Revitalization

    of present best practices for policy frameworks and concrete revitalization measures. Enhancing the ...

    June 2018