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  1. European Union (EU) Best Practice in Renewable Energy Sources (RES): Biomass Power in Sweden

    experience indicates that coordinated government support to research and invest in new technologies is ... particularly important. European Union (EU) Best Practice in Renewable Energy Sources (RES): Biomass Power in ... Patlitzianas Xarris Doukas Greece Renewable Energy Biofuels Ethanol Electricity Biomass Power Commercial ...

    European Commission

    October 2003

  2. Coordination of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

    the coordination of energy efficiency and demand response programs, with a particular focus on current ... practices and opportunities. It also discusses barriers to coordinating these two types of programs. ... Coordination of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy ...

    United States Environmental Protection Agency

    January 2010

  3. Balancing Area Coordination: Efficiently Integrating Renewable Energy into the Grid

    and demand within geographic boundaries known as balancing areas. It suggests that coordinating ... energy, such as wind and solar into power systems. This efficiency is achieved by sharing or coordinating ... balancing resources and operating reserves across larger geographic boundaries. Balancing Area Coordination ...

    June 2015

  4. Policy Briefs No. 2: Policy Recommendations on Coordination Mechanism

    This policy brief presents a set of policy recommendations on coordination mechanisms resulting ... coordination mechanisms among policy layers are difficult to emplace, according to the authors. They highlight ... Recommendations on Coordination Mechanism Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) Deutsche ...

    August 2016

  5. European Best Practices for M&V Schemes and Coordination Mechanisms

    (M&V) schemes and coordination mechanisms—positively or negatively—were the subject of the analysis and ... Coordination Mechanisms MultEE Minas Iatridis Christos Tourkolias Andrea Jamek Nina Pickl Jan Andersen Tyge ...

    April 2016

  6. The European Union's Energy Security Challenges

    (EU) efforts to coordinate a common European energy strategy. It also includes an overview of broader ... Appliances & Equipment Buildings Industry Utilities Renewable Energy Electricity Biomass Power Geothermal ... Utilities Renewable Energy Biomass Power Geothermal Power Hydropower Solar Power Wind Power ...

    United States Congressional Research Service

    January 2008

  7. Biomass Inventory Mapping and Analysis Tool (BIMAT) (Website)

    This tool provides queries and interactive maps presenting biomass resources in Canada; it ... visually represents the types and amounts of biomass in various regions of the country. It helps producers ... and consumers of biomass products gather accurate and reliable information about the biomass feedstock ...

    Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada

  8. Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) Guide Activity: For Policy-makers and Energy Planners

    The Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST) initiative aims to build awareness of biomass as Africa's ... among decision-makers at policy level. This guide focuses on thermal applications of biomass energy in ... households, institutions and small and medium enterprises (i.e., what is considered the traditional biomass ...

    March 2011

  9. Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation: Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World

    This report evaluates biomass energy options. It provides an overview and background on the ... information on the workshop participants. Industrial Biotechnology and Biomass Utilisation: Prospects and ... Ethanol Electricity Biomass Power Heating & Cooling Biomass Heat Industrial Publication Deployment ...

    United Nations

    January 2007

  10. Biomass Scenario Model (United States)

    The Biomass Scenario Model is a system dynamics model that represents the primary system effects ... and dependencies in the biomass-to-biofuels supply chain and provides a framework for developing ... deployment of biofuels. Biomass Scenario Model (United States) United States National Renewable Energy ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory