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  1. Implementing Building Energy Codes: Status of Building Energy Code Development and Implementation Globally and in China, France and the United States

    efficiency implementation international development Energy Efficiency Appliances and Equipment Buildings ... This webinar presents the status, key areas for international collaboration in building energy ... United States. Presentations are based on outcomes of the Building Energy Efficiency Task Group 3 project ...

    October 2015

  2. China's Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP) Institutional Development and Capacity Building: Project Implementation Plan

    Building: Project Implementation Plan The World Bank National Development and Reform Commission Government ... Keywords by: building types energy implementation international development projects renewable energy ... policy, target/mandate implementation, and technology improvement through capacity building. One section ...

    The World Bank

    August 2005

  3. Tools for Building Energy Efficiency: Resources for Policy Development

    opportunity areas. Tools for Building Energy Efficiency: Resources for Policy Development Clean Energy ... efficiency international development policy options Energy Efficiency Buildings ... their cities and identify policy options for enhancing energy efficiency in buildings. The panelists ...

    December 2015

  4. Building Viable Domestic Biogas Programmes: Success Factors in Sector Development

    a market-oriented approach, and capacity development. Building Viable Domestic Biogas Programmes: Success Factors in ... international development building types biogas technologies Energy Access Clean Cookstoves Rural ... This report draws best practices from the success of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in ...

    SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

    October 2009

  5. Accelerating Access to Energy: Lessons Learned from Efforts to Build Inclusive Energy Markets in Developing Countries

    Publication Demonstration Projects Project Development Rural Energy — Near Urban Rural Energy — Remote ...

    December 2014

  6. Municipal Green Building Policies: Strategies for Transforming Building Practices in the Private Sector

    green building, including grants, fee waivers, tax breaks and bonus development. Municipal Green ... Demonstration Projects Project Development Training & Education Building Codes Tax Incentives and Credits ... building in the private sector by (1) establishing mandatory green building criteria, (2) providing ...

    Environmental Law Institute

    April 2008

  7. Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Building Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool

    This assessment tool and its complementary report can help policymakers assess different building ... efficiency policies to spur growth in energy efficient buildings. With the United Nations Sustainable Energy ... in the areas of economic development, social development, and environmental goals. Within the ...

    Institute for Building Efficiency

    June 2012

  8. A Comparative Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency Policies for New Buildings

    Using 15 criteria to assess building codes, the policy comparison develops a unique scoring matrix for ... This publication examines building codes to further energy efficiency policy. It compares ... performance across an extensive range of countries. It accompanies the Global Building Performance ...

    Global Buildings Performance Network

    February 2013

  9. Large-scale Energy Efficiency in Indian Buildings: The Impact and Role of the Energy Conservation Building Code

    development Energy Efficiency Buildings ... This webinar reviews the progress with energy conservation building code (ECBC) implementation in ... India and analyzes the economic impacts of ECBC-compliant buildings. The webinar features three ...

  10. Monetary Benefits of Ambitious Building Energy Policies

    ambitious scenarios for implementing large-scale energy efficiency improvements in buildings. Monetary ... Benefits of Ambitious Building Energy Policies ABUD (Advanced Building and Urban Design) for the Global ... Building Performance Network (GBPN) Diana Urge-Vorsatz András Reith Katarína Korytárová Mónika Egyed János ...

    ABUD (Advanced Building and Urban Design) for the Global Building Performance Network (GBPN)

    December 2014