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  1. Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM): A Tool to Analyse Building Energy Consumption

    Building Codes 1 December 2011 Keywords by: energy building types building regulations rules and ... This tool provides an analysis of a building's energy consumption to assess compliance with ... Building Regulations. The model may also be used as building performance certification for the Energy ...

    Building Research Establishment

    December 2011

  2. A Comparative Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency Policies for New Buildings

    building types energy building codes Energy Efficiency Buildings ... This publication examines building codes to further energy efficiency policy. It compares ... performance across an extensive range of countries. It accompanies the Global Building Performance ...

    Global Buildings Performance Network

    February 2013

  3. Codes to Cleaner Buildings: Effectiveness of United States Building Energy Codes

    building types impacts on systems and sectors building codes Energy Efficiency Buildings ... This study estimates the impact of building codes in the United States on energy consumption in ... comparing states with building energy codes to those without, this report measures the realised energy ...

    Climate Policy Initiative

    September 2011

  4. Building an Energy Efficient Future: Policy Recommendations for Energy Efficient Buildings

    Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 January 2008 Keywords by: energy building types energy efficiency ... efficient building types energy efficient buildings Energy Efficiency Buildings Finance Incentive/Instrument ... building and energy industries, government, public interest groups, and utilities to discuss the best ...

    Western Governors’ Association

    January 2008

  5. China Energy Group Buildings and Construction (Website)

    Publication Building Codes Keywords by: Building Energy Codes building types efficient construction of ... This website and related publications address building energy use in China and the development of ... building energy codes. China Energy Group Buildings and Construction United States Lawrence Berkeley ...

    United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  6. Buildings for Our Future: The Deep Path for Closing the Emissions Gap in the Building Sector

    Keywords by: building types emissions building sectors climate change mitigation mitigation potential ... A cumulative work commissioned by the Global Buildings Performance Network, this report explores ... the mitigation potential from buildings in China, the European Commission, India and the United ...

    Global Buildings Performance Network

    June 2013

  7. Municipal Green Building Policies: Strategies for Transforming Building Practices in the Private Sector

    Fee Waivers/Exemptions Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 April 2008 Keywords by: building types ... building in the private sector by (1) establishing mandatory green building criteria, (2) providing ... expedited review as an incentive for green building or (3) offering other direct financial incentives for ...

    Environmental Law Institute

    April 2008

  8. BUILD UP: The European portal for energy efficiency in buildings (Website)

    Education Building Certification Keywords by: building types energy Energy Efficiency Buildings ... transfer of tools and resources. The BUILD UP initiative was established by the European Commission to ... support European Union Member States in implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. For ...

    European Union

  9. New Buildings Institute: Advanced Buildings (Website)

    building types energy efficiency energy lighting building envelopes Energy Efficiency Appliances and ... performance buildings that will stand out for their energy efficiency and healthy environments. The primary ... tool, Core Performance, brings together over 30 criteria defining high performance in building envelope, ...

    New Building Institute

  10. Energy Efficiency Requirements in Building Codes: Energy Efficiency Policies for New Buildings

    energy energy efficiency building types paper production sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy ... efficiency provisions in new building codes. Based on this analysis, the paper enumerates policy ... recommendations for enhancing how energy efficiency is addressed in building codes and other policies for new ...

    International Energy Agency

    March 2008