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  1. RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software

    RETScreen is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and ... operators, managers and senior decision-makers quickly gauge a facility’s energy performance, i.e., expected ... energy project templates. Performance Analysis As part of the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software, ...

    Natural Resources Canada

    September 2016

  2. Cities and “Budget‐based” Management of the Energy‐Water‐Climate Nexus: Case Studies in Transportation Policy, Infrastructure Systems, and Urban Utility Risk Management

    Management Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy (AlChE) Joshua B. Sperling Anu Ramaswami Publication ... infrastructure policy instruments for mitigation risk management risks water resources water-energy-food nexus ... design standards and policy instruments that together aim to pursue energy efficiency and greenhouse gas ...

    November 2017

  3. Training Local Workforces to Promote Energy Management in Industry and Buildings

    This webinar featured training programs highlighted in the recently released Energy Management ... Working Group report, Knowledge and Skills Needed to Implement Energy Management Systems in Industry and ... facilitate greater energy management proficiency for personnel in the industry and commercial buildings ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    January 2014

  4. The Scope for Energy Savings from Energy Management

    from broader and more effective adoption of energy management across the European Union (EU). The ... authors outline degrees of energy management practice and effectiveness, and they discuss the barriers ... that energy management helps overcome. Current levels of adoption of energy management in European ...

    June 2016

  5. General Aspect of Energy Management and Energy Audit: Third Edition

    This is the first in a series of guide books prepared for energy managers and auditors. It focuses ... on global and Indian energy scenarios, energy management and auditing principles, guidance for ... conducting and energy audit and setting up effective energy management systems. General Aspect of Energy ...

    IIndian Ministry of Power

    February 2005

  6. Application Note: Energy Management

    This application notes introduces the energy management, describes why it matters and considers ... the challenges it involves. It describes how the goal of energy management is to reduce energy waste, ... . Application Note: Energy Management Leonardo Energy Tom Capiau United States Energy Efficiency Industry ...

    September 2015

  7. Guidelines for Energy Management

    Based on the successful practices of ENERGY STAR partners, these guidelines for energy management ... provided for each step in the energy efficiency management process. Guidelines for Energy Management United ... can assist organizations in improving their energy and financial performance. Tools and resources are ...

    United States Environmental Protection Agency

  8. REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Energy Efficiency and Demand-side Management

    Report and examines energy efficiency and demand-side management within European and North American ... Management Clean Energy Solutions Center Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) Clean ... renewable energy sectors. REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Energy Efficiency and Demand-side ...

    June 2015

  9. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Energy Management Solution

    The IHS GHG/Carbon Management Solution Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Energy Management Solution IHS ... Crosscutting Commercial Tools and Websites Publication Keywords by: greenhouse gas emissions energy energy ... management ...


  10. Integration of Demand Side Management, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy Sources, and Energy Storages: State-of-the-Art Report, Volume 1, Main Report

    This International Energy Agency's Demand-Side Management (DSM) Programme was charged with ... and distributed energy. Integration of Demand Side Management, Distributed Generation, Renewable ... by: demand-side management energy energy efficiency renewable energies renewable energy sources Energy ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2008