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  1. Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) Green Jobs Calculator

    how many jobs energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other low-carbon energy options, such as ... nuclear power and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), will generate depending on proposed energy ... policies and future demand projections. Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) Green Jobs ...

    University of California, Berkeley

  2. Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) Policy and Regulatory Review 2010

    This review provides information on policy and energy regulation in energy markets throughout the ... information on each country's main energy sources, reliance on imported energy, the extent of the ... electric grid, capacity concerns, renewable energy potential, energy efficiency potential, ownership and ...

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

    January 2010

  3. Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) Policy Database

    This database provides energy information for countries throughout the world, including Africa; ... database provides information on energy sources, reliance, electrification expansion, capacity concerns, ... renewable energy, energy efficiency, ownership, competition, framework, national energy priorities, the role ...

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

  4. G-20 Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency Deployment and Policy Progress

    This report provides a high-level overview of the deployment of renewable energy and energy ... uptake of these technologies. It includes growth rates and deployment data on clean energy and energy ... efficiency projects as well as forecasting of future deployment based on current trends. G-20 Clean Energy ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2011

  5. IEA Energy Efficiency Website and Energy Efficient Market Reports

    This website provides access to the International Energy Agency’s annual Energy Efficient Market ... Report. The report provides an in-depth look into the energy efficiency market and electricity sector of ... buildings, using detailed country-by-country energy efficiency indicator data and IEA expertise. Past ...

    October 2015

  6. International Energy Agency: National Energy Policy Review Compendium

    This website portal contains the country-by-country compilation of the International Energy ... Agency's (IEA's) Energy Policy Reviews. These reports provide an annual overview of each ... country's energy consumption, energy intensity, and deployment. Each report also discusses energy outlooks, ...

    International Energy Agency

    April 2012

  7. International Energy Agency's Policies and Measures Database

    policies and measures taken or planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and ... support renewable energy development and deployment. The databases further support the Internation Energy ... participating governments,”. International Energy Agency's Policies and Measures Database International ...

    International Energy Agency

  8. Renewable Electricity: Insights for the Coming Decade

    energy generation options, and it illuminates other factors that may influence their deployment through ... 2025. Renewable Electricity: Insights for the Coming Decade Joint Institute for Strategic Energy ... Fossil Energy Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plant Efficiency Clean Transport Natural Gas Electricity ...

    February 2015

  9. Renewable Energy: Policy Considerations for Deploying Renewables

    This paper complements the International Energy Agency's 2011 report, "Deploying ... is intended to provide more detailed information on existing policies governing renewable energy ... to aid in the deployment of renewable energy. The paper considers the strategic drivers for renewable ...

    International Energy Agency

    November 2011

  10. Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (Website)

    current and past APP clean energy projects in different countries around the world. The APP has promoted ... partner countries in all of their clean energy projects. Topics covered in the APP projects include ... aluminium, buildings and appliances, cement, cleaner fossil energy, coal mining, power generation and ...

    Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate