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This tool provides a geographical inventory of solar energy resources and an assessment of the electricity generation from photovoltaic systems in Europe, Africa, and southwest Asia.

Source: European Commission

This website provides recent cost estimates for utility-scale and distributed generation renewable energy technologies in the United States. Estimates are available across capital costs, operations and maintenance costs, capacity factor, and levelized cost of energy.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This report provides an overview of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), their benefit to the local, national, and global economy.

Source: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Date: July 2007

This study addresses energy practices among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India.

Source: United Nations
Date: December 2011

This case study highlights Mexico's project to identify and promote cost-effective applications of renewable energy in the agricultural sector.

The IES has organized a lecture series on EU energy policy that offers in-depth discussions of the issues facing the EU in the coming years. Starting with a general overview, the lectures become increasingly in-depth as the series progresses.

Source: Institute for European Studies
Date: July 2013

In this report, business case scenarios comparing renewables with traditional generation technology from Canada (three provinces), France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden and Spain are examined. From this examination comes a detailed look at the market and the policies that affect them.

Source: International Energy Agency-Renewable Energy Technology Deployment, Prysma
Date: July 2013

This report explores green marketing and the markets that provide access to renewable energy. Marketing, motivation, and challenges are explored along with costs and experiences from the viewpoints of 20 green company representatives.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: March 2012

Designed to support robust policy analysis, the data hub is meant to be the first point of contact for anyone interested in energy efficiency in European building stock. Energy performance and policy are its primary focus.

Source: Buildings Performance Institute Europe
Date: May 2013

This brief summarizes findings and recommendations found in the Diesel Pricing in India: Entangled in Policy Maze and F

Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development
Date: August 2012