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  1. Bringing Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Up To Scale: Options for Grid Integration Using Natural Gas and Energy Storage

    This report analyses the nature of variable renewable energy and the resulting challenges ... associated with integrating variable renewable energy technologies into a power system. It highlights the ... importance of increased flexibility when integrating high levels of variable renewable energy. It focuses on ...

    February 2015

  2. Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: Global and Regional Status and Trends

    Off-grid renewable energy solutions have emerged as a mainstream solution to expand access to ... modern energy services in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner. Fostering private investment ... deployment. Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: Global and Regional Status and Trends International Renewable ...

    July 2018

  3. Operating and Planning Electricity Grids with Variable Renewable Generation: Review of Emerging Lessons from Selected Operational Experiences and Desktop Studies

    Experiences and Desktop Studies World Bank Marcelino Madrigal Kevin Porter United States Energy Storage Smart ... Operation Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power Solar Power Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Utility ... Keywords by: economic variables electricity generation grids paper production renewable energies ...

    February 2013

  4. Innovation Outlook: Offshore Wind

    offshore wind energy technology. It aims to inform policymakers and other stakeholders about anticipated ... energy innovation. Sections of the report are titled, Global Offshore Wind History and Current Status, ... Innovation Outlook: Offshore Wind International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) United Arab Emirates ...

    November 2016

  5. Integration of Renewables: Status and Challenges in China

    renewables into China's current energy supply are included, as well as assessments of China's ... Renewables: Status and Challenges in China International Energy Agency France Grid Integration Studies Grid ... Planning and Market Structures Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power Grid Integration Infrastructure ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2011

  6. Operational and Financial Performance of Mini-grid DESCOs: Findings and Insights from Pioneer Benchmarking of this Emerging Sector

    exercise of 20 distributed energy services companies using mini-grid technologies. The objective of this ... 1 January 2017 Keywords by: benchmarking decentralized energy energy access energy services industrial ... benchmarking international development minigrids sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy Access Rural ...

    January 2017

  7. Plug & Play: Facilitating Grid Connection of Low Emissions Technologies

    Publication Audit Programs 1 February 2017 Keywords by: emissions grid connection grids Energy ...

    February 2017

  8. NEDO Research Related to Large-scale PV-related Grid-connection Projects

    This presentation by a representative of the Japanese New Energy Technology Development Department ... Large-scale PV-related Grid-connection Projects U.S. Department of Energy Sandia National Laboratory ... Resource Planning Public Investment & Financing 15 January 2009 Keywords by: economic variables energy ...

    U.S. Department of Energy

    January 2009

  9. Plug & Play 2: Enabling Distributed Generation Through Effective Grid Connection Standards

    Equipment Standards, Required Labeling Enabling Laws and Rules 1 May 2018 Keywords by: decentralized energy ...

    May 2018