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This white paper is part of Gender Equality for Climate Change Opportunities by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2014.

Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature & USAID
Date: November 2014

This updated handbook was designed to provide an overview of the electric power industry and how it is regulated in the public interest.

Source: The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
Date: July 2016

This report addresses electricity market design and regulation considerations for systems with high volumes of variable renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar resources.

Source: International Energy Agency - Renewabl e Energy Technology Deployment Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA RETD TCP)
Date: September 2016

This paper is designed to (1) explain how certain policies enable utility distributed generation (DG) customers to avoid paying for the costs of critical delivery and support services that they use and (2) provide alternative approaches that fairly compensate such providers for their generation

Source: Edison Electric Institute
Date: December 2013

This directory provides information on hundreds of building software tools for evaluating energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability in buildings.

Source: United States Department of Energy

Action Plan reports, guides, tools and factsheets are available to help U.S.

Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency
Date: November 2008

This report analyses the economic properties of the demand response program in the PJM wholesale electricity market of the eastern United States. The authors estimate a subsidy range in which the social welfare gains outweigh the distortions of the subsidy.

Source: Carnegie Mellon University Electricity Industry Center, Energy Policy Journal, The Pennsylvania State University, Customized Energy Solutions Consulting
Date: October 2008

This report investigates the expected benefits from the smart grid, detailing six specific areas of benefit: reduced losses to society from power outages and power quality issues; improved operating efficiencies, keeping downward pressure on electricity prices for all consumers; improved nationa

Source: United States National Energy Technology Laboratory, United States Department of Energy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Horizon Energy Group, Renz Consulting, LLC
Date: June 2010

This report discusses the ways in which information and communication technologies (ICT) solutions could play a transformative role in the power grid.

Source: World Bank

This report describes the power grid, how it operates and how a smarter grid will change the design and operations to lead to more efficient, effective power delivery in the future.

Source: World Economic Forum, Accenture
Date: November 2009