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As distributed energy resource technologies proliferate on the grid, resulting changes to the grid will make it more efficient and reliable, and will provide end users with the opportunity to more proactively use energy and reduce the cost of services.

Source: Det Norkse Veritas (DNV)
Date: January 2013

This resource has been extracted and reformatted from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Power Technologies Energy Data Book. The data book is an excellent source of consistent information on renewable energy technology status and future expectations.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

This report provides an overview of the Canadian energy market, including energy demand, energy production and energy prices. In 2009, energy prices were lower than the previous year resulting in a decline of about 40 per cent in energy export revenues compared to 2008.

Source: Canadian National Energy Board
Date: June 2010

This report summarizes the offshore wind resource potential based on map estimates for the contiguous United States and Hawaii, as of May 2009.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: June 2010

This wind power forecasting system includes high-resolution and ensemble modeling capabilities, data assimilation, now-casting and statistical post-processing technologies.

Source: IEEE
Date: October 2012

Frequency responsive reserve is the autonomous response of generators and demand response to deviations of system frequency, usually as a result of the instantaneous outage of a large supplier.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute
Date: March 2012

The authors of this report developed a way to measure at a screening-level the overall flexibility of a portfolio.

Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date: October 2015

This journal article examines both the potential of and barriers to grid-scale energy storage that play a substantive role in transitioning to an efficient, reliable and cost-effective power system with a high penetration of renewable energy sources.

Source: Energy Conversion and Management
Date: November 2014

This report provides in-depth case studies of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and Xcel Energy Colorado to show how they integrate high shares of variable renewable energy.

Source: Advanced Energy Economy Institute
Date: June 2015

The authors of this journal article propose a systematic framework to estimate the impact on operating costs that are due to uncertainty and variability in renewable resources.

Source: Energy
Date: June 2015