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This report informs policymakers and other stakeholders in the energy sector about the technology developments in renewable mini-grids. It also discusses how these technology developments could enable faster commercialization and large-scale deployment of renewable mini-grids.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Date: October 2016

The combination of biomass processing or combustion with carbon capture and storage (CCS) is referred to as "bio-energy with carbon capture and storage" (BECCS).

Source: Global CCS Institute, Biorecro AB
Date: November 2010

This report provides an overview of the U.S. solar electricity market, including photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. The report identifies successes and trends within the market from both global and U.S.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: November 2011

The European Union (EU) Energy Roadmap issued by the European Commission states that by 2050 carbon capture and storage (CCS) equipped power facilities will account for 19%-32% of EU generation.

Source: European Responses to Climate Change
Date: July 2012

This report looks at Croatian policy and development in all sectors. It offers a review of current policies, a summation of its proposed regulations upon acceptance into the European Union (EU) and the steps forward for developing an economy that will grow steadily.

Source: World Bank
Date: February 2012

This report is meant to stimulate the debate about implementation of the European Green Cars Initiative. The roadmap discusses the potential benefits of electric vehicles, milestones for the next ten years and actions that must be taken to meet these goals.

Source: European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, SmartGrids European Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the Future
Date: November 2010

This report describes how member states in the United Nations Economic Commission (UNECE) for Europe have different energy situations and vary in their potential for and progress in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Source: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)
Date: January 2015

This book focuses on a decentralized approach and provides practical guidance on how small power producers and mini-grid operators can deliver electrification and renewable energy in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: The World Bank
Date: January 2015

This report describes the state-of-play of technology in the ocean energy sector, and it monitors the evolution of the technology in industry and markets in Europe.

Source: Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Date: January 2015

According to the authors of this report, the Paris agreement on climate change opened nearly $23 trillion in opportunities for climate-smart investments in emerging markets between now and 2030.

Source: International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
Date: November 2016