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This summary of Plug & Play 2: Enabling Distributed Generation Through Effective Grid Connection Standards reviews the input of stakeholders from the gas, telecommunicati

Source: Climate Works Australia

The Plug and Play project aimed to identify and drive the implementation of institutional and policy solutions to make grid connections for existing and emerging technologies as straightforward and cost effective as possible for customers and proponents while safeguarding electricity supply.

Source: Climate Works Australia
Date: February 2017

This report contains the input of stakeholders from the gas, telecommunications and aviation industries about the characteristics of an effective process for developing industry standards and codes of practice.

Source: Climate Works Australia
Date: May 2018

India’s deployment of wind and solar surged has surged in recent years thanks to government targets and cost declines that have made variable renewable sources competitive with coal capacity.

Source: Climate Policy Initiative
Date: February 2019

This website contains information on more than 800 clean energy policies around the world. It is searchable by policy name, geography, mechanism and status with subsector impacts noted per policy.

Source: Climatescope
Date: January 2018

This report details the state of European energy markets and the steps needed to develop fully competitive energy markets. It describes benefits of flexible energy markets, including security of supply and lower prices.

Source: European Commission
Date: March 2006

This paper provides guidance regarding when and how smart grid piloting studies should be conducted along with examples from several recent pilots that involved dynamic pricing, a key element of the smart grid.

Source: Smart Grid News, The Brattle Group
Date: May 2009

This report articulates nine mechanisms by which the smart grid can reduce energy use and carbon impacts associated with electricity generation and delivery in the United States.

Source: United States Department of Energy, United States Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Date: January 2010

This report results from a request from the European Commission's Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) to start a data collection effort to develop a catalogue of Smart Grid projects in Europe and to carry out a qualitative analysis of their results.

Source: European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy
Date: January 2011

This staff working paper presents the expected services, functionalities, and benefits that result from Smart Grid demonstration and implementation.

Source: European Commission
Date: December 2011