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Chapter 1 of this report on Southeast Asia describes macroeconomic and social trends in the region, examining the relationship between economic growth and energy demand. Chapter 2 analyses the region’s energy sector landscape, focusing on trends in supply and consumption.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Date: January 2018

India’s deployment of wind and solar surged has surged in recent years thanks to government targets and cost declines that have made variable renewable sources competitive with coal capacity.

Source: Climate Policy Initiative
Date: February 2019

This report provides insights into how countries can address lack of electricity access in slums. It includes examples of approaches taken in the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, and India.

Source: United States Agency for International Development
Date: December 2004

This website features links to United Nations Development Programme case studies and publications on how energy can be used to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, which is one of eight UN Millennium Development Goals for 2015.

Source: United Nations

This report draws best practices from the success of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in preparing and implementing domestic biogas programs in Asia and Africa, particularly in Nepal and Vietnam.

Source: SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Date: October 2009

The report provides summarizes collective knowledge on cookstoves from past research and projects.

Source: The World Bank
Date: January 2011

This website offers tools and resources in support of reducing smoke exposure from cooking and heating practices in households around the world.

Source: Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Based on practical knowledge and international experience accumulated via past and ongoing World Bank operations, this resource aims to provide World Bank staff and others interested in off-grid electrification with useful guidelines for designing sustainable off-grid projects.

Source: World Bank, The Energy and Mining Sector Board
Date: November 2008

This report reviews existing energy policies with respect to energy access in various regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Source: Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development
Date: January 2007

This resource summarizes China's Renewable Energy Scale-up Program, focusing on market policy, target/mandate implementation, and technology improvement through capacity building.

Source: The World Bank, National Development and Reform Commission, Government of China
Date: August 2005