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This report provides an overview of the current and possible future role of demand side response in the electricity market.

Source: United Kingdom Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
Date: July 2010

This report provides an analysis of the impacts of various policies relating to appliances and equipment (from 2009-2030) within the United Kingdom, including minimum standards, product labelling, supplier obligations, taxes, incentives, and carbon pricing.

Source: United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This report reviews the technical options that might be available to retrofit a carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology to the various configurations of power plants that might be built in the future and to identify 1) necessary- and 2) potential- economically attractive options for pr

Source: International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Programme (IEA GHG)
Date: May 2007

This document represents the consensus of a team of international energy experts convened by United Nations Foundation.

Source: United Nations
Date: July 2007

This report showcases a methodology to evaluate the performance of different public finance mechanisms and their suitability for replication in other applications, policy contexts, and geographies across the clean energy continuum.

Source: United Nations, SEF Alliance
Date: November 2011

This book explores how efficiency is measured and reported at coal-fired power plants.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: January 2010

This European Commission (EC) report communicates the planned efforts and those already undertaken by the EC to meet the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared to projections for 2020.

Source: European Commission
Date: November 2008

This report explores the factors that influence companies to invest in energy savings, and it proposes a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of a country's policy mix from the perspective of an industrial company's boardroom.

Source: International Energy Agency, Institute for Industrial Productivity
Date: November 2011

This report evaluated the role of public policy in encouraging conservation in a residential setting.

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Date: January 2011

This website allows users to examine building codes and their efficacy from around the world. Detailed information about each of the building codes and its country's deployment programs is offered along with a graphing and data-generating program that makes additional analysis possible.

Source: Global Buildings Performance Network
Date: May 2013