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  1. Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy: New World Bank Group Indicators on Sustainable Energy

    This recorded webinar examines the Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy (RISE) project, ... energy. The data collected through RISE help policymakers evaluate the policy and regulatory frameworks ... for private investment in renewable electricity generation, energy efficiency and access to modern ...

    World Bank Group

    June 2015

  2. Africa Energy Outlook: A Focus on Energy Prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa

    This report describes one of the most poorly understood parts of the global energy system, offers ... how investment in the sub-Saharan energy sector can stimulate rapid economic and social development ... across the region. Chapter 1 analyses sub-Saharan Africa’s energy sector as it is today. It outlines ...

    January 2014

  3. Policies to Spur Energy Access

    This report is intended to support policymakers who want to accelerate energy access by engaging ... purposes of this report, the term "energy access" refers to access to electricity and related ... decentralized) electricity options rather than grid extension. While their primary focus is off-grid energy ...

    September 2015

  4. Rwanda Energy Sector Review and Action Plan

    This report focuses on the Rwandan energy sector and investigates the following topics: the ... structure and organization of the energy sector, energy demand and supply, energy investment programs, ... financing energy investments and options for financing private sector energy projects. It includes a roadmap ...

    January 2013

  5. The Next Generation of Renewable Electricity Policy

    Policy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Victoria Healey Wilson Rickerson David Jacobs Toby D. ... Clean Fossil Energy Carbon Capture and Storage Natural Gas Fuel Switching Power Plant Efficiency Clean ... Finance Renewable Energy Electricity Grid Integration Commercial Community Industrial Infrastructure ...

    February 2015

  6. Clean Energy Mini-Grids—High Impact Opportunity: Annual Report 2015

    describes how a wide range of activities were undertaken to raise the profile of clean energy mini-grids, ... “clean energy mini-grids”. Clean Energy Mini-Grids—High Impact Opportunity: Annual Report 2015 ... Sustainable Energy for All Austria Carbon Capture and Storage Low Carbon Communities Microgrids Grid ...

    December 2015

  7. Policies and Regulations for Private Sector Renewable Energy Mini-grids

    small hydropower, or some combination of these with other energy sources. Policies and Regulations for ... Private Sector Renewable Energy Mini-grids International Renewable Energy Access United Arab Emirates ... Crosscutting Microgrids Energy Access Grid Integration Grid Investment & Finance Renewable Energy Community ...

    September 2016

  8. Energizing Finance: Scaling and Refining Finance in Countries with Large Energy Access Gaps

    energy access and what is known about the disbursement of development finance for energy access or the ... challenges facing energy access enterprises in delivering modern energy services to more people, more ... affordably. It is intended for government leaders, public and private finance players, and energy access ...

  9. Current Status of Energy Sector in Tanzania: Executive Exchange on Developing an Ancillary Service Market

    This presentation reviews the energy sector in Tanzania and key power sector challenges and ... Energy Sector in Tanzania: Executive Exchange on Developing an Ancillary Service Market Ministry of ... Energy and Minerals, Tanzania Utility Publication 2 March 2013 Keywords by: energy sector grids Energy ...

    March 2013

  10. Accelerating Off-grid Renewable Energy: Key Findings and Recommendations from IOREC 2016

    Renewable Energy Conference (IOREC 2016), including the importance of (1) mainstreaming off-grid renewable ... energy in national rural electrification strategies, (2) creating an ecosystem to accelerate deployment, ... energy access, (5) identifying the right business models for deploying off-grid renewables, (6) ...

    January 2017